Sunday Review

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July 24, 2017

Good Morning everyone!! Up early and about to go hike the river and bag a couple hundred pounds of ice!!! Let’s get to the current river report. Alright, at 4:45 this morning, just a few moments ago,  the flow out of Cheesman is 193 (cfs), Trumbull at 258 (cfs), and the Decker’s Bridge area is at about 245 (cfs). Clarity keeps improving, but the moss has increased as well! We really started to see the fishing activity pick up the last two days, Tricos have been abundant, as well as the caddis the last two evenings. I’m also a big fan of the dry/dropper approach, so I pulled up this video of local legend PAT DORSEY, demonstrating the use of this productive rig. I’ve seen fish rising the last two mornings on my hike, pretty aggressively around the Decker’s bridge, as well as near the Lone Rock Campground, so if you’re interested in camping at this campground, keep in mind it’s only one of two in our area that take reservations. You can make them right here by clicking on this link. Today, after my hike and workout, I’ll be posting a second time today with the update on the river conditions and what’s happening in the South Platte River Valley!

Have a great day my friends, see you again soon!