Oct.23, 2016 The scoop on the fish’n!

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Howdy Friends!

Wow, just absolutely WOW! If I didn’t blog daily and know the date, I would have thought it was just another summer day here in Decker’s! The sun was shining, the fish were rising, and the week ahead looks great! Let’s get to the fishing first, shall we? As you know, the flows are low. 64 (cfs) below Cheesman Dam, with about 70 (cfs) through Decker’s and Trumbull.  I’m currently reaching out to the USGS to maybe find out why this station is reading 94 (cfs) when the rest of the river is in the 60’s! However, for the time being, I will keep the graph on the daily blog. Ok, enough of the flow issue, let’s talk about the fishing.  As the morning sun makes it way over Rampart Range and fills the Decker’s/Trumbull section of the valley with all that warmth, the midge and blue-wing hatch really starts going strong at about 10:30. Fish are sipping throughout the day and feeding aggressively in the faster moving water.  Something I’ve figured out in the last couple of days, with the drop in the flows, was that I seem to be catching more fish on the “bubble lines’ that are forming along the seems in the river. This is where the fish are just gorging on the small, size #24 midge and BWO’S that are just covering the surface of the water. After doing a little fishing this morning and making my way back to Trumbull and Decker’s, I took a walk up the YMCA road to the “wire” where I observed pretty much the same pattern of sipping fish and the assortment of dry-flies filling the air.  After walking the river today for a couple of hours and speaking with several Angler’s, their were a few bugs of choice that seemed to be repeating. On the dries, it was the small, size #24 parachute, size #24 Duck-winged BWO, Trico-spinner, size #24 caddis. I personally had success over the last week by throwing a single dry-fly, such as a parachute or small caddis, then I simply trail an emerger such as an RS-2, tan and grey, olive flash back midge, or another small midge of choice!  It’s looking like we’re going to have great weather for the entire week, so book your guided trip with the friendly folks at Flies and Lies http://www.flies-n-lies.com. These guys are friendly, knowledgeable, and will most likely get you on the fish before you know it! If you need last minute supplies, check out their full selection of UMPQUA flies https://umpqua.com/products/flies, clothing and everything else you may need for a day on the World Famous, South Platte River, Decker’s, Colorado. Need a cabin for the night? No problem, they’ve got those too! Other options for lodging include cabins for rent by http://www.southplatterivercabins.com. These cabins are available year-round for daily or weekly rentals. Be sure to stop into the Decker’s Country Store and speak with Bob or Phyllis to discuss rates and availability. What am I going to eat while I’m there, you ask? Don’t fret my friends! Let the Decker’s Corner Cafe be your spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Visit their website at http://www.deckerscornercafe.com for the full menu! Today’s picture gallery is from my adventures over the weekend and some of the areas that I visit! I hope you enjoy the underwater shots of the trout, I like those the best! That’s all for now my friends! Heading downriver tomorrow to fish the “Nighthawk” section of the South Platte! Hope to see you on the river soon!

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