September 14, 2016 Fishing report

Good Evening Friends!

Getting right into things, here we are with the fishing report and daily conditions in Decker’s/Trumbull. Currently, I’m on the east coast attending some family needs, but the fishing report must go on. The flow below the dam at Cheesman is down a little from yesterday at 423 cfs, with 417 cfs in Decker’s/Trumbull.  Not much rain in the forecast for the next few days, with a 20% chance of showers on Thursday and Friday. The upcoming weekend is looking great, with forecast highs in low 80’s and plenty of sunshine.  The fishing has been good, but can be a little off when the flows get bumped. Mornings and evenings have been productive on dry flies, with the fish sipping on the Tricos that are mostly near the banks of the river.  During the mid-day hours, tossing a big attracting bug such as an Amy’s Ant, Chernobly, or Fuzzy Wuzzy, followed with a variety of emerging bug has caught fish. While nymphing, be sure to put on enough weight to get down where the fish are feeding.  I’ve had good success with the Chocolate Thunder, Tw0-Bit Hooker, Olive Split-case, and the Sparkle-Wing Grey RS-2.   Prior to my trip, I had good success later in the evening towards dark, with a foam-winged olive, followed with a Parachute Adams. It’s been pretty much almost dark before the trout really start going nuts on the evening hatch, so be patient, it will happen.  Tossing a streamer along the banks to rising fish has also led a few big trout into the net, as they can’t seem to resist the big meal being offered. In addition to the fish just being “fish” meaning needing regular meals,  this also is most likely a result of some territorial aggression, as my Olive Wooley-Bugger has been annihilated several times the second it hits the water in complete darkness! September is one of the best months to camp in the Platte River Valley, so be sure to make your reservation for a cabin or campground by visiting the SERVICES and THINGS TO DO pages, right here on Also, be sure to check out Flies and Lies at for information on booking a guided fly-fishing trip on the world famous South Platte River.  That’s all for now folks, but until then, have a great evening and I hope to see you on the river!