April 7, 2017 Fishing Report-Decker’s, Colorado

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Good Evening Everyone!

Great to be back reporting to you, after an epic seven days of fishing! Let’s get you up to speed, the flow’s through Decker’s/Trumbull are currently at 125 (cfs), 118 below Cheesman Dam.  The weather is absolutely beautiful and the fishing is on fire, NOT THE FOREST! Please be sure to check the “Current Fire Status” link, located above this blog. Since the last snowfall, the clarity of the river has improved dramatically and it’s running gin clear in most places along the South Platte. The fish have been in full feeding mode for the last few days, with conditions almost perfect for great day on the river. With the Blue-winged Olives and midges coming off at all times during the day, you have to be prepared with a second rod, or be quick with the tying, because the hatch has been there, but extremely unpredictable when it goes off!  Most of my fishing over the last ten days has been in the Trumbull area, but I’ve also been working several areas along the river, from the Lone Rock Camp Ground area, downriver to the confluence. With the great weather and excellent fishing, combined with all the growth of the front range communities, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of Angler’s present!  So, if you’re expecting to have the river to yourself, you may want to consider fishing one of the other less populated rivers along the front range. Thinking of spending some time in the valley?   If you’re planning an overnight stay or just want to hang out for the day, visit the “THINGS TO DO” page, along with the “SERVICES” page, to book your accommodations or even a guided fishing trip!  Getting back to the fishing, I’ve had the most success with the grey RS-2. Hands down, this bug has probably caught more than 100 fish over the last ten days!  Most of the time I was using a three fly nymph rig, with a yellow/brown Pat’s Rubber Legs and trailing two of those grey RS-2’s.  Adjusting the weight and the strike indicator was pretty much all the adjustments I had to make, aside from the occasional “lost bug” mostly due to the trout destroying them after about catching 10 fish!  It seems as if the bigger fish that we have been catching have been feeding on shelves, riffles, and faster moving water. Not to say that I haven’t had the 17  rainbow destroy a Adams on a 6x tippet in still to slow moving water, but we’ve really been seeing the big boys taking the “meat” like the Pat’s and leeches in the faster moving water. On the midge and nymph end of things, we’ve been using a couple of bugs such as the Chocolate Thunder, juju baetis, mercury black beauty, red zebra, olive and grey  WD-40’s, and the Disco midge. When the fish are feeding that aggressively on the surface, they’ll pretty much hit on any emerger just below the surface.  Without naming names, there’s a certain local I know that refuses to use the “Rainbow Warrior”. When I asked him why he doesn’t approve of such a productive bug, he simply responded with, ” it’s a dis-honor to the trout to present that bug in front of them” Made me laugh, shoot me a message if you think you may know who it may be! I mention this because the Rainbow Warrior could’t miss for about an hour straight yesterday! Looking ahead to the weekend, the weather continues to look good with a mix of sunshine and clouds over the next two days. Only a 10% chance of rain on Saturday night, with high temps in the low 60’s for both Saturday and Sunday. That’s all I’ve got for today my friends. Hope you enjoy the picture gallery and few shots from our latest adventures! Stay tuned as I embark on my next journey and head to the Cheesman Canyon, to begin a new job, do a little cooking,  and spend the summer fishing the beautiful South Platte River! Hope to see you on the river soon!