March 27, 2017 Decker’s Fishing Update

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Good Evening!

Hello Folks, back with another update on the fishing here in Decker’s! Lot’s of changes taking place, as we head into April. In the last week we’ve seen two bumps in the flow, finally saw some moisture in the form of some snow, and the fishing has been pretty darn fabulous for a couple of weeks!  The weather for the week ahead looks pretty dreary, with rain and snow showers forecast for tomorrow, with another system moving in for the weekend. Flows currently through Decker’s are at about 85 (cfs), with 83 (cfs) below Cheesman Dam. After the two flow bumps we saw before the weekend, things have settled back down and the clarity has improved.   We are starting to see the return of the BWO’S, with hatches coming off in the morning and the evenings,  hopefully we’ll see this for a couple of more weeks. Been picking up lots of fish with a double-fly rig of a size 20 olive, trailing a gnat or even another blue-wing. While nymphing, my lead bug has been mostly a Pat’s Rubber legs or a black Slump Buster. Yes, the Slump Buster is typically thrown by itself as a small streamer, but I’ve been pulling some pretty big browns on this bug when using it as my indicator bug.  Other indicator bugs that have pulled fish have been stone flies, leeches, and crane flies.   The two bugs on the bottom getting in done for me lately have been the grey and tan RS-2, olive and grey WD-40, rojo midge, barr’s emerger, blue and purple juju midge, disco midge, black zebra, chocolate thunder, and red tube midge. With the good weather and great fishing conditions, the Decker’s area has been pretty crowded. Keep in mind that there is plenty of good fishing downstream from the Decker’s Resort. Just follow Platte River Road for the 12 miles down to the confluence of the middle and north forks of the South Platte. The fish downstream are just as hungry and don’t see as much pressure as the fish near the resort and bridge area. Just park anywhere you see a brown “P” sign, being sure to respect private property and driveways. If you are just visiting Decker’s for the day and don’t have your gear, don’t panic! The good folks at FLIES AND LIES have got everything you need for a day on the South Platte River! Waders, boots, fishing license, and all the gear can be rented for the day, including a cozy cabin on the river! Check them out at for more information on prices and availability! That’s all for now my friends! Hope to see you out there on the river soon!