Oct.8, 2016 Daily Decker’s

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Good Evening Everybody!

Wow, the mornings get cooler, the days get shorter, and the fish just seem to go with the flow! That’s good stuff there my friends, feel free to use that one, just mention my blog and we’re cool! Alright, let’s get to the current conditions I just observed a few moments ago. Being away from the river today, I only made a few observations when I came home. Flows here in Decker’s/Trumbull holding between 314/320 cfs, with good clarity and little debris, now that the wind has calmed down some.   Biggest change I’ve seen in the last two evenings, was the presence of rising fish! This evening, after the sun went down over the ridge, the rise was on! For about ten minutes or so, the edges of the granite wall that meets the river and the adjacent river bank were ripe with rising fish, and at times, air-born trout! There were four anglers out behind my house this evening that I watched from the porch. They appeared to be doing pretty well nymphing early on, then one of them switched over to a dry fly and caught one on his third toss to what must have been a fish he saw rising.  Also, speaking with my neighbor, who fished earlier this morning, shared with me his success with rubber-legs, trailing a double-egg pattern. It’s also getting to that time of year where the fish really seem to key in on streamers, and if you’ve been following me since June, no doubt you’ve heard me praise the “olive Wooley-Bugger” Get out there and cover lots of water! If you are like me at times and just want to move about and explore, this is the way to go! Generally speaking. and from MY experience only, I have consistently caught more fish in the 17-20 range when using a streamer. The mornings up here have been pretty cold, but warming up nicely by about 9:30/10:00. Sunday and Monday look beautiful, so get on up here and do some fish’n! For all your tackle and guide service needs, visit http://www.flies-n-lies.com and book a cabin and guided trip on the famous South Platte River, Decker’s, Colorado. Today’s picture gallery is from today’s adventure, starting with the river conditions behind my house at 7 this morning. The other shots are from Forissant, Colorado, where I spent most of my day helping with the installation of a water filtration system!  That’s all for now folks, take care and have a great evening! We’ll see you on the river soon!

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