November 7, 2017 Cheesman Canyon/Decker’s/Trumbull Fishing!

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Hey Fishing Friends!

After working the last 6 months like a dog! I’m back to fishing and writing daily! Not only that, we’re under some really exciting changes here at With our “New look” and brand new template, you’re sure to get all the information you’ll need to have a great time here in Decker’s.  On to the fishing, shall we? Starting out with the canyon, flows have been under 100 for the last two weeks, with a current flow of 105(cfs). Prior to my season ending as a private Chef, I had been fishing the canyon pretty much daily for the last 6 moths. If you’ve been following along with me since the beginning of my blog, the majority of my fishing and reporting have been around Trumbull and Decker’s.  All in all, I would have to say that the two areas pretty much fish the same, with the canyon demanding a stealthier approach and typically lighter tippet, but most of the same bugs got the job done! Most of my fishing took place on the lower end of the canyon, by the club, as this offered me several chances throughout my workday to get out and cast a fly.  Current set up of choice in the canyon has been the nymph rig, consisting of Pat’s Rubber Legs, followed with an egg, and trailing a variety of emergers, such as the barr’s emerger, size 20 and 22, grey RS-2, size 22 and 24. I’ve also had success with the black and brown styles of the RS-2. Mid morning, as the sun makes it’s way above the canyon wall, I’ve been seeing and catching quite a few fish that are just sipping the dead trico spinners that are just below the surface. I’ve been throwing a Cinnamon colored bug, trailing a number of other emergers just about 18 inches behind that spinner. Mid-afternoon, I’m back to nymphing the riffles and faster moving water, picking up several fish on a 3 bug pattern, consisting of a yellow egg, size 20,/barr’s emerger, size 22, and then trailing the grey RS-2, size 22 or even a 24. I picked up several nice size browns on this same set-up, yesterday, in Trumbull.  For the last three days I’ve been fishing some familiar waters in Trumbull, at hole in the wall, and upriver toward the second bridge that’s just down river from the Decker’s Resort.  Pressure has been pretty consistent, as the weather has been pretty solid and not too cold. I got out yesterday and had to work for every fish I caught!  Fishing the drop-offs into the hole was pretty productive this morning, as we seemed to catch a little sunshine and warmth, between the two storm systems moving through. Early on I had pretty good success up top, with a dry rod I has set up with a small parachute adams, size 22, trailing a Rainbow Warrior, size 22. I caught several nice fish that were feeding just below the surface, along  a bubble line and seem. Almost tossing these bugs like a dry rig, upstream and slightly across the riffle,  I caught 3 or 4 fish back to back on that trailing bug, the warrior.  Well, that’s it for now my friends!  Next week I’ll be heading to Cotter, Arkansas, to fish for trophy Browns, on the famous White River!  Hope to see you out on the river soon!