September 13, 2016 Fishing Report

Good morning my friends!!

Although I am not currently in the valley, the fishing report must go on! So, with that being said, here we go with today’s conditions and fishing report.  We’ve finally had a few days of consistent flows, which has settled the fish down a bit and they are returning to normal feeding activity.  Currently in the Cheesman Canyon, the South Platte river below the dam is at 488 cfs, Decker’s at about 475, with Trumbull matching. Going deep has been the key over the last couple of days to get down to the fish closer on the bottom. With egg and worm patterns producing during some of the cloudy periods after the flow increase, we stuck to nymphing deep and were able to pull several nice fish. The weather has been comfortable, with chilly temperatures in the early morning, but warming up nicely around ten. Looking forward through the rest of the week, we’re looking at temps in the low 70’s during the day, cooling down rather quickly in the evening hours.  We’re still seeing the Trico’s through mid-morning, then turning to dry-dropper rigs, with an evening full of dry-flies and streamers. One of the things that I notice, as I regularly fish a few spots on the river, is that if you occasionally throw something that the fish haven’t been seeing that much of, you can generally find that aggressive monster of a trout that is waiting patiently for a new “Bug Buffet” offering! I’ll be posting reports each day, as I am currently out of the Decker’s area. Keep in mind that if there is not a daily posted fishing report, the USGS RSS feed is automatically updated to show current flow through Trumbull at the end of my blog introduction. That’s all for now folks! Good luck out there and I hope to see you on the river!