Nov. 5, 2016 Today’s fishing news!

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Hello All!

After a rather chilly, cloudy,  and damp morning, the sun finally broke through around noon and the warm-up began!  No change in the flows, we’re sitting around 68 (cfs) in Decker’s/Trumbull, 64 below the Dam.  Didn’t want to fight the cold hands, so I got out on the water around noon! It’s pretty great when you can reach the river’s edge and then have the option of throwing dries at obvious sipping fish, or go down under with the nymph rig, where you know the big ones are hanging out! Noticing a familiar ball cap just over the willows behind our house, I walked out to find my friend Jerry fishing with his Ultra-light rod and artificial lures.   Check out the Rainbow he caught in today’s picture gallery as I was literally pulling up in our driveway. With a section of water that looked more like a bubbling cauldron with the amount of heads poking through the surface, I started throwing a single BWO and caught a couple of browns, before eventually adding a Matt’s midge about 14 inches below the BWO. This seemed to be the trick, as I caught another three fish before things settled down around 3:3opm. Below the surface, the fish are hitting the eggs pretty hard, along with the juju-baetis, and I’ve personally been doing well with a red fire midge or red zebra midge. Looking like we’re going to be a bit warmer tomorrow, with a high temperature of 64, little wind, and free of any rain. With the great weather, we’re seeing quite a few Angler’s on the river, especially from the Decker’s bridge, upstream to the “wire” on Y-camp road. Plenty of good fishing downstream from Decker’s and Trumbull, with lots of great riffles, runs, and pools. There are also several “fee area” places to park near some of the campgrounds, but there are also many spots to pull off of Platte River road, where you don’t have to pay. Anywhere you find one of the brown signs with a “P”, that’s a spot to fish! Alright my friends, that’s all for today. Until next time, have a great evening and I hope to see you on the river soon.