February 28, 2017 Decker’s Fishing Report

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Good Evening All!

Welcome back my friends, to the most up to date report on the South Platte River, Decker’s, Colorado!  Before we get into the fishing conditions, let’s take a look at the next couple of days. We’ve got a nice warm up ahead of this weekend, with temperatures quickly rising, after a cold snap and snow showers we’ve seen the last two days. Flows remain kept a little higher than they’ve been most the winter, with the increase occurring on the 23rd, leaving us with 90.2 (cfs) below Cheesman Dam, and about 90-95 (cfs) through Decker’s and Trumbull. Now that it’s been a couple of days since in the flow increase, clarity has improved and the water temperature is at 41 degrees.  The fishing has been fantastic for the last couple of days, with most success coming from nymphing, but we have seen several hatches of BWO’S the last week. Today I went out twice, the first time at about 11, and then I went back after a snow squall moved through at about 3pm. When I first went out on the river, fish were already rising and the increase in flow presented a much more favorable drift than what we’ve been experiencing in this hole for the last three months. With tons of fish breaking the surface, on what looked to be some sort of emerger, I kept the Double Copper John set-up, trailing a couple different bugs over the first hour session. The first three fish were taken on the middle Copper John, which had a blue flash on the back, then the bottom fly at the time was a grey RS-2. After catching about a dozen fish with this set-up, I lost my entire rig on big “piggy” brown that came up and slammed the top Copper John as soon as it hit the water! Around 1:45 the snow and wind moved in, so I came in and warmed up for a bit. Around 3pm, the sun came back out, the wind stopped and it was time to get back out on river. This time, armed with a purple Pats Rubber Legs, Copper John, and trailing the Red Fire Midge, I was right back on the fish in less than three casts!  This went on until about 4:30, when I could no longer feel my fingers or the left side of my left hand! When it was all said and done for the day, I believe my final fish count was somewhere around 15 in the net, with another 6 to 8 hook-ups! One of things I’ve noticed the most about fishing the South Platte River, here in Decker’s/Trumbull, is that when the barometer is rising or dropping quickly, the fish definitely respond in an aggressive matter that usually leads to a great day of fishing! If you enjoy reading my blog, sign up for our email alert and get a “new blog” reminder message each time I publish new content on the website!  Also, if I don’t post daily, please feel free to take advantage of the LIVE weather and river flow constantly updated on the blog page! That’s all for today folks! I hope you enjoy today’s picture gallery, as it was a day full of browns, and I hope to see you on the river soon!