Nov. 3, 2016 Decker’s Fishing Report for Thursday

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Good Evening my Friends!

Hopefully some of you had the chance to get out on the river today somewhere in Colorado, because it was absolutely perfect weather to spend the day outdoors! With little to no wind for most of the day, we reached high temps in the mid 60’s, but it felt like 75 at times!  Updating on the river conditions, not much has changed with the flow. We’re still in the upper 60l’s (cfs) here in Decker’s/Trumbull, with a 65.5 in the canyon. Looks like we’ve just seen the beginning of the latest “moss die-off” on the upper section of the river, mostly from the second bridge down through Trumbull, from what I’ve fished in the last two days. Further downstream, where I fished today, seemed to be much less concentrated with the annoying green stuff, but not completely moss free. Starting off at about noon, yes I know that’s a little late, but the way the trout have been feeding lately, no worries! Ben and I headed downstream about 7 miles towards Nighthawk and fished some deeper, faster running pools and shelves along the way started out with a that same two-fly rig I was using yesterday, with the orange egg, trailing the juju-baetis.  I had that really small split-shot about 4 inches above the egg and the juju roughly 12 inches down below. Throwing this concoction across the small, narrowing run that was about 5 feet deep, something I hadn’t seen in awhile, my set-up was running pretty quick and looked like it had nice drift through an even narrower run. No strike indicator to watch, I felt a quick tug, followed that with my own jig downstream, and I was hooked up on a pretty nice brown. With several large boulders giving this fish several options to plan it’s escape, I quickly gained control of the fish by turning it sideways and upwards at the same time, causing the fish to basically get disoriented, making it easier to reel in. Walking to meet Ben, I slowly walked the river’s edge, where I spotted a couple of different pairs of larger fish, seemingly paired up to spawn. Recognizing this, Ben and I returned back upstream and fished near the Trumbull bridge for about an hour. This time I put on a two-fly dry rig with a no-hackle, BWO, with the familiar, size#24 parachute adams. Worked again and caught three nice fish that were sipping pretty hard along a thick bubble line.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s weather, we’ve got another great day in store! High of 69, with plenty of sun and winds under 10mph. Although it’s warm, the valley is definitely showing signs of the impending change of seasons. The Bald Eagles have returned to the valley for the winter, as I have seen two now in the last three days. The willows have shaken most of their summer leaves, and the sun sets a little earlier each evening, as we inch ever so closer to those snowy winter nights. Keeping in mind that Decker’s is a year-round fishery, did you know that you can rent a cabin for a night or weekend at Flies and Lies? Visit them at or the Decker’s Country Store at

As I spend much of my time on the river these days, I meet so many nice people that are also giving interesting and unique perspectives on the sport of fly-fishing. About a week and a half ago, I met Scott, from Trout Porn Podcast. Listen in as they give a great plug for the website and share some information about our area.  Also, if you are interested in hosting a meeting or event in the Community Center, located  in the rear of the Decker’s Resort, please feel free to contact me via email. That, will do it for today folks! Enjoy some of the shots from yesterday and and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for your ONE AND ONLY fishing report from the South Platte River Valley, Decker’s Colorado! Have a great Friday!