Nov 1, 2016 South Platte-Decker’s Report

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Hey everyone!

Finally feeling like a fall day here in the valley today, with cool to mild temps and just a little bit breezy! The sun was shining on and off, which allowed for a stealthier approach to some shallow areas that have been holding quite a few fish. Flows are holding at 68 in Decker’s, 64 below the Dam.  As far as the clarity goes these days, I’ve noticed an increase in the moss floating downriver this afternoon, must be from it dying off from the last big growing cycle.  All this sunlight and warmth had to make something grow? With the lower flows, this may take an extra day or two to push on downstream and clear up, but some spots or runs are worse than others, so just be on the lookout!  To my dismay, I only got to fish for about an hour and half this afternoon, but something is definitely better than nothing when it comes to daily time on the river. I fished downstream from the second Decker’s bridge, an area know as the “mini Canyon” I chose this area to give the fish behind my house a break from me and Bailey (our Golden Retriever) and to fish some deeper runs with my “red zebra” midge that has been productive each day since Friday!  Once again, just when you think you’ve got something these trout can’t resist, they mock you, swim by your feet and present themselves as, “basically not interested”  Noticing a pretty big midge hatch that was happening just above the surface, I quickly switched over to a double dry rig,with a small, size#24 Parachute Adams, trailing the same size BWO. Tossing my bugs with just a few feet of line upstream and between a few large boulders to some rising fish, I was able to pull four nice browns, all in about 2o minutes. Tomorrow’s trip will be a run down to “Nighthawk” to fish some new water and see how the flows have affected the fishing downstream. Until then, take care my friends and have a great tomorrow!