January 31, 2017 Decker’s Colorado Fishing Report

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Hi Folks!

Wow, sorry for the absence, I’ve been under the weather unable to both fish or write that much, up until yesterday! Feeling much better now and moving back into the fishing grove and getting you, sorry, CAUGHT UP TO DATE! Oh yeah my friends, getting back to my old self. Alright, disclaimer in the books, let’s get to it. First, I spent mos of the afternoon today trying my luck on the newly, re-found South Platte River, as this pesty, titanic-sinking size ice bergs we’ve been dodging most of the month of January have finally  succumbed to the gentle warm up of the last few days.  Continued flows of about 65-70 (cfs) through Decker’s/Trumbull, with a bit lower up at the Dam. Clarity is pretty good, but because of the increase in temps and the melt off, I did see quite a bit of branch debris start to flow by later in the day. That usually passes quickly, so don’t let that keep you from fishing the South Platte.  Alright, got out at ten this morning, armed with my 3-weight and nymph rig of an olive leech pattern up top and down below I was wearing a tan, sort of beat up looking RS-2, size 24, trailing at first the black-bead headed rojo midge. This rig caught two aggressive browns in the first 15 tosses of this tasty combination.  After that little skirmish of activity, I headed upstream just a bit to see if I could sight a few fish that we’re holding deep in a hole, so I crept about the shelf and dropped my “pat’s rubber legs, followed with the Juju baetis and miracle midge trailing behind. Once again, because I moved up to some deeper water, I reminded myself to add weight and adjust my strike indicator. In a few short throws of my junk, I was back on the browns! Both taking early on the Pat’s! Today’s picture gallery will show you some of the condition that we’ve seen in just the last two or three days. This month has been full of cold enough days to turn the river into a slushy! But now, as you know, if you’ve lived here for any period of time, days in the 60’s like today are quite common this time of year. Alright, gotta run for now! Thanks for sticking with me and look for a complete new look for livedeckerscolorado.com come spring! Have a great evening and I hope to see you on the river soon!