January 17, 2017 Fishing Report

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Good evening!

Well, the snow and ice are mostly gone, the fish are hungry, and the weather is looking great for the next two days!  Before I get into the fish stories and actual fishing report,  let’s update you on the current conditions.  67-73 (cfs) is the current flow through Decker’s/Trumbull, with good clarity and a water temperature of 41* The ice has mostly melted away, except for some ice along the banks and the shaded areas, but be careful on this stuff my friends, a little bit of snow on this stuff and your going down!  Flows are slightly lower below the Cheesman, coming in this evening at 62.5 (cfs). I personally haven’t fished the canyon in a few months, but the parking lot has been packed and the reports have been mixed. Similar to Decker’s, this tail section of the South Platte is truly a fantastic fishing experience. Whether your taking the Gill Trail, or hiking the upper trail to the dam, you are bound to see an abundance of wildlife, including deer, fox, elk, and if you’re extremely unlucky, a black bear or even a mountain lion! In addition to the wildlife, the views of the reservoir and the dam are astonishing. Sometimes you’ll forget your their to fish, until you get a view of what looks like a naval shipyard full of submarines, swimming around in the multiple pools and shallows you’ll find along this stretch of river. If you’re brave enough to hike the upper trail in winter, give yourself ample time to get back out, as the rock formations and steps you have to navigate can become snow covered and slick. It’s best this time of year to pack your gear in, making sure that you’ve got the proper footwear to navigate the trail. Also, make sure to take extra water, as this climb out can dry you up pretty quickly.

Today we started to see the beginning of a nice warm-up for Wednesday and Thursday. Highs in Decker’s will be around 55, with plenty of sunshine and little wind.  The snow we saw over the last few days kept the fish down deep, but with today’s rise in temperature, the fish got pretty active this afternoon and we were able to hook up on a few nice fish around Trumbull.  The midges and beatis continue to produce, with a variety of bugs getting it done.  Some of our latest success has come from the Rainbow Warrior, olive and grey WD-40, multiple-colored juju baetis, and the red zebra midge. Now, that’s on the midge end of things! As you are mostly aware by now, my nymphing skills weren’t the best about 6 months ago, so I am always hoping to throw that Olive Wooley Bugger, or toss a dry fly, if I’m seeing a rise. With that being said, today we did manage to see a few dry midges, so on went the small Griffiths Gnat All of these flies can be purchased right here by clicking on the respective link! In addition to the few that we took today on the midge, I did manage to pick up one fish on a Mercury, Grey RS-2, as it was sipping just below the surface.  Looking towards the next couple of days, expect to see more people on the river, especially in the usual places, the bridge area, Lone Rock Campground http://www.reserveamerica.ocm, and of course the “Turn Hole” and “WIRE” sections. All of these areas/holes are along the YMCA road adjacent to the Decker’s Resort. With that being said, don’t pass up the chance to explore downriver! With over 10 plus miles of mostly public access to the river awaiting you downstream, be sure to try your luck at any of the spots where you’ll find the brown “P” signs along the way.  Remember, you still must pay the “daily fee’ if you are  parked in an area where this sign is displayed.  That’s all for today folks! Hope you enjoy the picture gallery today, as I’ve put a few pictures up from the area in front of the Decker’s Resort, as well as some from the surrounding areas. Until next time, have a great evening and I hope to see you on the river soon!