Wow, now that sounds like a big fish!

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July 29, 2016

Good morning everyone and welcome to your morning river report from the South Platte River Valley! With the lack of moisture we’ve been receiving lately, we’ve seen little change in the river flow and the clarity has been fantastic. Unlike the the “Wonka like” Platte we had running a week ago, due to the afternoon thunderstorms, this week we’ve got gin clear water and the fishing has most certainly picked up.  As of five minutes ago, the flow out of Cheesman was 172 (cfs), Decker’s at 220 or so, and 232 (cfs) at the Trumbull measuring station.  Personally, I only fished for an hour or so yesterday, but went out last evening to photograph a few of my friends that were fishing behind my house at “hole in the wall.” For those of you that do no know this spot, it’s roughly a mile downstream from Decker’s. Many of the pictures that I take daily are from this section of the South Platte River. The tricos were coming off big time last night around 7pm, with caddis and BWO’S filling in the mix. Down below, most the success I’ve seen in the last two days has been with nymphing rigs, with bugs such as the chocolate thunder, the grey rs-2, olive split case midge, black beauty, juju beatis, hare’s ear, and even a single, black zebra midge.  The evening dry action has been later, but definitely worth waiting for. Last night, as I was sitting on my porch doing a little writing, I heard the bellowing voice of someone who obviously had just missed a very fish! As my camera always seems to be around my neck in anticipation of my National Geographic moment to arrive, I continued to work on some photo-editing while I waited for the dry-fly action to pick up. About two minutes later, I heard the unrecognizable voice of my buddy, Jerimiah yell, “Oh my lord, look at this beast.” About that time, I see Jerimiah’s strike indicator traveling downstream as if it’s being powered by nuclear submarine. Next, appearing from behind the willows is Jerimiah in a full on sprint downstream after his newly commissioned Warrior trout submarine! Drag screaming, fish running, and Jerimiah trailing, I managed to get into position to shoot a few shots of the battle. The fish went airborne several times and made three significant runs, both up and back downstream, before laying over in exhaustion and surrendering to the net.  I’ve posted a few pictures of the fish in today’s gallery.  After purchasing my first DSLR camera and taking over 10,000 photographs,  I must say that I have gotten as much joy shooting pictures of anglers battling trout as I do fishing!  Well, that’s it for now my friends. Have a fantastic day and I hope to see you up here on the South Platte River soon!

Take care,