Fishing Report for Decker’s, CO 9/30/16

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Hello fellow lovers of the South Platte River!!

Here we go my friends, with an update on the conditions today, from Decker’s, Colorado.   Just taking a look at the flow below Cheesman and  the conditions here in Trumbull/Decker’s, we’ve got pretty much a consistent/similar flow in all three locations at 422. What’s that mean you ask? Not much really, but what I’ve have noticed with the consistent flow, has been the clarity. It’s been getting better and better since Thursday. The weather has been great for the last couple of days, with cooler temperatures the forecast for the weekend, with the chance of passing showers both Saturday and Sunday.  The early morning trico hatch is still creating that mid-morning sipping, but last night and today really proved to announce that the spawn is soon upon us! Yesterday evening, and followed by early this morning, my buddy and I both immediately started with a double egg pattern, trailing a purple-jujubaetis with plenty of weight! On his first cast, and on my third or fourth pass of this double-egg pattern, we were both dialed in on the meal of choice! This went on for about an hour, and then later in the afternoon, I quickly ran out to the hole to see if I could duplicate the morning success. Sure enough, third pass through, hooked up on another aggressive brown! It’s looking like we may have a few showers on both Saturday and Sunday, but this may really turn on the fish!  It’s a great time to book a guided fly-fishing trip in Decker’s. Book you’re today by calling the fine folks at Flies and Lies, or visit them at  Because Decker’s is a such a popular day destination for many Angler’s of the front range communities, expect the crowds on the weekends to continue as  long as the weather holds out! Remember! there is plenty of open water to fish downstream from Decker’s, with just a few private sections of the river that are clearly marked. Just find a brown “P” sign and you’re ready to try your luck on the Blue Ribbon, Trophy-Trout waters of the South Platte River, Decker’s ,Colorado! Need a cabin for the night or the weekend? Please visit Bob and Phyllis at the Decker’s Country Store, or visit them at, where you’ll find more information about the multiple cabins that are available on the river and the surrounding area. Where are you going to eat and drink you ask? No problem, Make sure you get a breakfast burrito with green chili at the Decker’s Corner Cafe @ http://www.deckerscornercafe.comThe cafe is also a full service coffee and espresso shop, along with great soft serve ice cream and milk shakes! Looking to get your Spirits and head out on the river? Got that covered too, simply stop into South Platte Liquors where they carry a nice variety of beer, wine and liquor for a quite diversified mountain palate!   That’s all for now folks, until next time, have a great evening and I hope to see you on the river!

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