Decker’s Fishing Report 9/24/16

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Hello Folks!

Making my way back to Colorado as we speak, but not before stopping off in Baltimore to see my O’s pick up a few games on Boston, as we head into the Major League Playoffs!  445 cfs below Cheesman Dam this morning, with a slightly lower  flow in Decker’s/Trumbull at 434 cfs. Going to be mostly cloudy to day with patches of sunshine, temps in the mid-60’s.  This fishing has been pretty consistent for the last couple of weeks, with just a few off days due to the bump in flow earlier in the month.  But, in reality, the fish just tend to hang a little deeper during these periods, which usually lasts for about a day or so. Once again my friends, I do not claim to be the guru of the river!! I simply am blessed to live on the South Platte river and get to see, fish, and experience the wonders of this historical river and surrounding area each and every day! When you’ve had enough of being skunked on the South Platte in Decker’s, be sure to check out the great guide service, equipment, and friendly folks at Flies and Lies, or visit them on the web at  I’ll be returning to my full reports on Tuesday, with updated “bug life” information, current hatches occurring, along with some new video of some subsurface action I’ve been able to catch on my GoPro! If your like me and love to see the action underwater, I highly recommend purchasing one of these cameras! The campgrounds in the area are pretty much wide open, but to be safe on the upcoming fall weekends, be sure to book your reservation at the Lone Rock Camp Ground right here at Also, join me next week as I’ll be sharing with you some of my art work production, centered around wildlife and landscape photography from the South Platte River and surrounding areas! Until then folks! Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll be hopefully seeing you all on the river soon!