Oct.21 2016 Fly-fishing report

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Hello there my friends!

It’s a  beautiful evening here on Platte, temps in the upper 40’s now, but it stayed warm all evening. Tomorrow is looking like a spectacular day for being on the river, so come on up and get in on some of the good dry-fly action we’ve been seeing all week! Flows are low, as you are probably already aware. The Trumbull station is currently reading 92, but let’s face it folks, with the flow below the dam at 62.5 (cfs), this Trumbull gauge is slightly off. This can happen when the flow does drop below 100, probably just needs some adjusting. As a rule of thumb, you can usually add about 15 cfs to the reading just below the dam and get a pretty accurate flow going through Decker’s. However, during run-off season and during flash rain storms, Wigwam Creek and Horse Creek can greatly influence the flow through Decker’s. The dry-fly fishing was hot again today, but the bigger, smarter fish seem to be hanging out down below! I guess that’s how they got that big. With the low flow and shallow water, guess it makes sense to protect yourself by staying deep. I fished today with a variety of dries, but had the most success with a size#24 Blue-Winged Olive and a size #24, Grey RS-2.  I did manage to catch one fish while pseudo-nymphing(no weight/no strike indicaor) with a Hare’s Ear, trailing a tan RS-2. After catching a nice sized Rainbow, my tan RS-2 lost it’s black emerging wings, becoming it simply an RS!  Only took a few pictures of today’s fishing, as my Go-Pro waterproof camera is on the fritz, so I’m grabbing the cannon when the situation permits. That’s all for today my friends, more to come tomorrow! Until then, take care of each other and I hope to see you on the river soon.

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