January 14, 2017 Decker’s Fishing Update

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Good evening my friends!

Welcome back to the freshest, most up to date information on the South Platte River, Decker’s!  Looking at the river flow, Trumbull coming in this evening around 73 (cfs), with a water temperature of 41, clarity remains good, with some of the moss starting to die and break off from the latest deep freeze. With that being said, be prepared to check those flies often. The weather was quite a mix today, cold this morning, but not windy at all. About ten-thirty or so,  a snow shower came through and things heated up quite considerably as the flakes started to fall!  After that, the sun came out, even saw a dry midge or two around 3:3opm.  The fishing remains pretty hot! The fish aren’t really getting active until about 10 or 10:30, but at the same time, throwing a streamer at night can be really productive too.  Messed around a little last night with the boy’s! Had a couple fish on, but nothing in the net!   Just seconds after the snow flurries started to consistently fall this afternoon, the fish really got active and went after the Grey, rs-2 pretty hard!  As I made the comment out load, ” I really hope these snow flurries get things going” ZZZZZ, Screaming reel and Tyler hooked up on a 17 inch Cut-bow. As I opened my mouth to offer my “net skills” WHAM! Fish on! Both of us hooked are now hooked up on aggressive Cut-bow’s that had obviously been sparked by the snowflakes on the surface. Mine got off, but Tyler landed his. His fish is in today’s gallery,  you’ll know which one I’m talking about when you see it!  This continued for about 8-10 minutes, before shutting off as quickly as it turned on, but the fish remained active and returned to feed closer to the bottom and on the shelves.  Looking ahead for the rest of the weekend, snow showers will be moving in overnight, with snow expected for Sunday and Monday.  A small break in the snow on Sunday evening may be a window for some good rising action we similarly saw today. Winter fishing is great, but please remember that will more people up here because the fishing is so good, I’ve seen an increase in trash being left by the riverbank and along the road to Decker’s.  If you have the opportunity to pick up some of this trash, even thought it’s not yours, please do so, as it not only goes where it needs to go, it doesn’t end up hurting, maiming, or needlessly killing our precious Wildlife.

Since I’ve been writing this blog now for about 8 months, I didn’t want you, the reader, to think that I’ve gotten too technical, HAHA! or have started taking myself too seriously! I completely recognize that this is still just FISHING!   What I’m getting at here, remains to be seen, I’m just saying, what does all of this historical data crap really mean anyway?  That’s another fun observation I’ve made about both myself and other fly-fisherman. I’ve pretty much allowed my simplification of things, at times, to allow me to make crucial decisions that are most certainly going to effect the outcome of my success  on the river, on any given day. You see, sometimes I follow the scientific Angler that’s in my head.  I get out the tiny little net, scoop the water and some stuff off the bottom of the river, and make a pretty educated guess of what to throw, based on the contents of the net, then reaping the rewards of my work!   And then, there are those other times in which I choose my flies like my ex-wife made her football pool picks for the week, by picking my favorite color or what looks “Sparkly” and such! Not really sure what makes me go back and forth between both styles, but at the end of day, I’m having a good time on the river, catching some pretty amazing fish, and having great times with good people from all walks of life! That’s all I’ve got for today my friends, hope to see you on the river soon!