Nov.17, 2016 Decker’s Fishing and Conditions update

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Let it snow folks!

Well, if you’re a skier or snowboarder, your prayers have been answered! Not that this is the answer to our drought conditions, but we are all breathing a little sigh of relief, as the snow continues to fall in the South Platte River Valley, surrounding foothills and mountains. At this point, we’ve probably received about 4-6 inches of nice wet snow! The river this evening is running at 48.2 (cfs) below the dam, with about 60-65 (cfs) through Decker’s/Trumbull. I didn’t fish today, just spent time going over video from yesterday’s fish shocking, along with photographs from the last week or so.  My plan for tomorrow is to get out around 10 and see how the fish and bugs are reacting to our newest climate and conditions change!    It’s supposed to be clearing up overnight and tomorrow’s high of 38 should feel pretty chilly with this fresh blanket of white stuff, although we are not expecting much wind. This time last year I was using streamers pretty regularly, as I had great success with the Olive Wooley-Bugger, fishing mostly around the Decker’s bridge, then fishing upstream to the Lone Rock campground area. If you’re planning on camping in Decker’s next spring or summer, be sure to check out this campground before you make other camping arrangements. You can reserve your spot right here by clicking on the link. That’s all I’ve got for today my friends! Below is another video from the fish shocking/data gathering that took place yesterday in Decker’s. A big thanks to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife for allowing me to get up close and personal with the event! Hope you enjoy! Until tomorrow, have a great evening and I hope to see you on the South Platte soon!