June 23, 2016[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”16″ gal_title=”I trumbull for ya”]

Good morning to all of you visiting my blog for the first time, and a big Thanks! to all of you that are returning for my morning river conditions report. I hope you continue to follow my adventures and hopefully you are enjoying my writing and photos.   Gorgeous morning and we were at the 59 degree mark at 6:30, with sunny skies and much less humidity for sure!!  Last night we saw a nice cool-down and we didn’t see the overnight rains that we have been experiencing the last two evenings. I  didn’t see as many caddis or PMD’s coming off last night as I had the previous two evenings.  This moring at 5:45 am, the Trumbull station was measuring the river flow at  434 (cfs).  The water is clear, the fish are hungry, maybe thirsty too!  Today’s high will be about 87 degrees, and that my friends is what I believe to be a message to GO FISHING!  The fishing has been great on the South Platte in Decker’s, but be sure not to miss out on all the excellent water downstream from Decker’s.  There are excellent places to fish all the way from Decker’s  to Scraggy View, and further North.  Check out the fishing “hub” for more information about fishing in our area.

I spent a day outdoors yesterday, traversing the river, exploring some new trails, but I can’t seem to take my eyes off or stop my camera lens from finding it’s way to a Colorado Wildflower, like a Dowsing Rod to water! The South Platte River Valley is abundant with the bright colors and sweet aromas of the early summer wildflowers! Beautiful pink, purple, and tons of other shades of flowers can be found popping up out of the canyon walls and riverbanks all throughout the area. Don’t forget to check out the cactus picture, that’s one of my favorites. I Hope you enjoy the gallery from yesterday’s trip to Trumbull. Have a great day and give something positive back to someone who’s done that for you!  Take a grandparent Fishing!!!

Have a Great Day!!

Chef Chris