Decker’s in real time! 10/04/16

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Good Evening my Friends!

Wow, what a day in the beautiful South Platte River Valley, Decker’s, Colorado!! It was much cooler this morning, with a low of 39 when I got up. Flows are down just a little bit from yesterday, with 367 below the dam and 373 here in Decker’s/Trumbull. Good news is the flow has been consistent for almost a week now, and the fish are actively feeding. However, with the high winds we’ve seen in the last 48 hours, the river does have some debris to deal with. Pine straw, leaves, and other floating obstacles can hamper your efforts from time to time, but shouldn’t stop you from getting out there and fishing! I started out this morning with my usual 25 mile bike ride down river along Platte River Road. I use this as my daily training ride, but I also use this time to check out the river conditions downstream from Decker’s and Tumbull. This has turned out to be a pretty good way of establishing areas that are producing consistent hatches and what bugs are coming off.  After some river reconnaissance up near the “wire” on the YMCA road in Decker’s, I finally got into the river to do some fishing in Trumbull around 3:30pm. By 4pm, the midges were coming off pretty thick, but I stuck with the nymphing rig as I didn’t see a rise on the midge hatch.  Consisting of a San Juan Worm, followed with a Pheasant Tail #22, then trailing a Rainbow Warrior, I worked a faster riffle just upstream from a drop-off into deeper water.  With just two or three throws of my rig,  I quickly hooked into a smaller rainbow but lost it before I could set the hook. After a few hits with no hook-ups, I moved on to a dry-dropper as a few trout came up to take a few of the midges that had made their way down to surface level. With an Amy’s Ant, trailing a Blue-winged Olive, I took two more fish from a deeper pool against the granite rock wall. Today’s picture gallery is from my day around the Decker’s/Trumbull area! The weather is looking pretty much the same as it was today for tomorrow. Waking up to lows in the 30’s, warming up to the mid-60’s, with another windy day on tap. That’s all for today folks. Keep the comments coming and I hope to see you on the river soon!