Oct. 25, 2016 River update and Report

Welcome Back!

Hey there folks, another fine day here on the South Platte River, Decker’s Colorado! Little less sunny this morning, but warmed up nicely by mid-afternoon! No change on the flows, we’re still sitting at 70 (cfs) here in Decker’s/Trumbull, with a little less in the Canyon. Today was nice, but certainly not as sunny as it’s been for the last three or four days. Biggest difference in the conditions this morning was the lack of thick hatches that we’ve been seeing before 11am. Although the fish were sipping just under the surface all day long today, they were a little more selective on the dries, as we did our best to commit to fishing the surface bugs.  Funny how the fish can completely act in a different way one day to the next, however, we did manage to hook up on about eight to ten fish before we called it a day. Most the success we had today was with the small stuff, size #22/24 on the midges and the dries. First fish I took was on a single Parachute Adams, of which I later added an emerging bug, as the surface action seemed to die off around 2:30pm.  About 3pm we had a little rain shower that lasted all of five minutes, which afterwards got the fish pretty turned on again, as the sipping resumed! Seeing that the trout were moving up and down the water column, I went ahead and added an emerging bug to my freshly tied BWO. This tactic seemed to get the attention of several eager fish that were sipping along a bubble line that met the main stream flow, along a granite wall. In just a short period of time, I hooked into two fish, both on the trailing Sparkle-Wing RS-2, size #24.  Having a shoulder injury, I prefer to toss a dry fly when it’s productive, but the nymphing will usually put more fish in the net. With that being said, I do regularly nymph, but have an adapted version of the proper technique! Underneath, the guys and gals I usually fish with have been doing well with a three-fly rig, with a variety of bugs, but a few that have worked lately have been the flashier midges and emergers, trailing an egg or worm. The weather for the rest of the week looks fantastic, so be sure to make some time to get up here and fish! That’s all for today my friends. Until next time, have a great evening and I’ll hopefully see you in the Valley soon!