August 1, 2016 Daily river review

Good Morning!

Welcome back my friends! Waking up to cooler temperatures in the valley this morning. Getting to the point where the windows are getting closed before bed! Right now we’ve got 47 degrees with plenty of sunshine on the way and and a forecast high of 89.  The crowds were big this past weekend and the fish got pounded pretty hard through the Decker’s area. It’s days like this that I like to go a little further downstream to work on some fish that may have not seen so much pressure over the weekend.  Alright, the flow out of Cheesman this morning is 187 (cfs), 200/210 (cfs) through Decker’s, and 249 (cfs) in Trumbull.  Water temperature is 48 degrees and we are going to start to see a gradual temperature drop as the summer season winds down.  With no water coming over the spill-way, all the water that is released from the Cheesman Dam is cooler and coming from the bottom. This will affect the hatch as we get further into August and September. Right now, the fish are actively feeding on the smorgasbord of both dry and sub-surface bugs! When it comes to the dry flies, I’ve been having good success throwing a single Parachute BWO or a single Trico (Rusty-spinner), as I personally don’t always like to throw a two or three fly rig!  On the nymphing side of things, I’ve seen the Chocolate Thunder pull fish left and right, to the point where my buddy was throwing a double dropper rig with two of these bugs below a Pat’s Rubber Legs. Along with the “thunder” I would have to say that I heard the grey RS-2 was also a hot bug over the weekend. Numerous Anglers spoke to me about the effectiveness of this bug over the last five or six days.  The hatches in the evening have been late, but worth waiting for. Fishing the banks with a single dry or dry-dropper rig will usually get results as the fish are sipping on the floating buffet of Trico’s! Don’t hesitate to throw that hopper or streamer if you don’t see the rise on the banks. I’ve pulled several fish by tossing the “Wooley Bugger” to the banks and shallows later in the evening. Alrighty folks! That’s it for now. Heading out later this evening to try my luck on the Platte! Have a great day and I’ll see you back here again this evening!