November 14, 2017 Decker’s Fishing Report

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Good Evening!

Wow! It’s like spring out there! With temperatures reaching almost 70 for the second day in a row, we saw an abundance of bug activity throughout the day and into the evening.  First, let’s talk a little about the current river conditions here in Trumbull/Decker’s.  Right now, flows through Trumbull and Decker’s are about 75-80 (cfs) keeping in mind that the Brush Creek measuring station in Trumbull, tends to read just a little bit high, usually  off about 10 (cfs). With flow running low and sunny skies, we’re seeing an increase in water temperature that has really done some confusing things to both the fish and the bugs! Not being an entomologist nor a botanist, I cannot fully attest to the reasons why it’s causing such havoc with the bugs and the grass growth, but I’ve sure picked up on a few things as it pertains to catching fish! With the decreased flows and gin clear waters, tippet and bug size has been key to both my nymphing and dry fly success over the last week.  Tippet of choice has been mostly 5x and 6x, with size 22 and 24 bugs. More on the bugs of choice a little later.  The fishing has been really good, especially the dry-fly action in the evenings. Small Adams, size 22 and 24, along with the small BWO’s, were finally getting a few fish in the net last evening, after many attempts with a multitude of bugs! I even took a nice brown on a small, size 24 black Trico spinner, as we saw some hatches of these over the last few days.  When I wasn’t throwing a double dry rig, I trailed a size 22, Cheesman emerger, behind the BWO,  catching quite a few fish with this method. Underneath, I’ve been having success with a variety of bug combinations. Starting off today with a yellow egg up top, followed with a grey, size 22 RS-2, and trailing a purple juju baetis, I focused on the faster moving water and drop-offs into pools, where I could find them. This seemed to work out pretty well, as I picked up three fish in a relatively short time, on all three of the bugs I was presenting!  Other flies I had success were the Chocolate Thunder, size 24, Disco Midge, size 22, and the purple and black Pat’s Rubber Legs, size 10 or 12.  Well, that’s it for now on the fishing folks! Until next time, have a great week and I hope to see you out there on the river soon!