March 11, 2017 Fishing Report, Decker’s, Colorado

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Good Morning!

Holy Spring my friends! Snowiest month of the year, MY BUTT!  Feels like an early spring for sure my friends!  Alright! before I update you on what’s going on with the fish, let’s talk a little about the current conditions and the upcoming weekend, shall we?  Today looks pretty good my friends, with partly sunny skies and a high of 54! Good news here people, the 60 and 70 mile per hour wind gusts days are behind us, at least for a couple of days that is! High temperatures for the upcoming week are looking pretty normal, with highs in the mid to upper 50’s for today and tomorrow, with a high of 64 on Monday! It’s looking pretty dry for the next ten days, with minimal precipitation forecast for the South Platte Valley. Ok, now for the river update! Flows remain unchanged since the bump last week. Currently, below Cheesman Dam, we’re at 90 (cfs), with a slightly higher flow through Decker’s and Trumbull, coming in this morning at 95 (cfs). Clarity is fantastic, “Gin” clear from the Canyon to the confluence. Water temperatures have been consistently 39-41 degrees in Trumbull/Decker’s.  Ok, with all of that out of the way, let’s talk a little bit about what’s happening with the fish!  Mother nature is certainly hard at work this time of year, as we have seen the early return of the BWO hatch, along with several nice morning hatches of midges that have really been turning the fish on early the last couple of days. Wednesday through Friday this week, I was in the river no later than 8:30 each morning, as the dry-fly action was non-stop from about 8:30-noon! Tossing  a double-dry rig, made up of a  single BWO, trailing a variety of emergers, we caught fish after fish, as the water has been a flurry of activity during these prolific early spring hatches! Not to worry, when the hatch subsides, it’s back to highly productive nymphing, with fish being taken with a variety of smaller midges and some baetis patterns! Up top, it’s been the San Juan Worm, Pat’s rubber legs, leech patterns, and I even took a nice cut-bow on a yellow egg pattern. Some of my favorites that have been doing the trick lately on my bottom bug have been the Chocolate Thunder, orange(fire) midge, Mercury Black-Beauty, olive and grey WD-40, Sparkle wing RS-2, Miracle Midge, and a clear bead head Rojo Midge.  This is what I’ve got for today my friends! Looking into the weekend, it’s most likely going to be pretty crowded around the Decker’s Resort area and upstream towards Lone Rock Campground. With that being said, skip the crowds and get some solitude! Plenty of fantastic opportunities to try your luck downstream on some fish that don’t see as much pressure as the fish around Decker’s and the more popular areas! Honestly folks, follow the guides, they consistently will take clients downstream vs. the Decker’s Resort and upstream areas. Speaking of guides! If you’re new to the sport, or like me, and just want to break some bad habits, book a trip today with FLIES AND LIES, http://www.flies-n-lies.comWhether you’re up for a full or half-day trip, these guys will get you on the fish! They are fun, knowledgeable, and professionals at the sport of fly-fishing!  Also, if you’re interested in renting some gear for a day out on the river by yourself or with some friends, they’ve got you covered with a great line of rental gear and equipment for a day on the South Platte River, Decker’s, Colorado.  Have a great day my friends and I hope to see you out there on the river soon!