7/30 Full House!

July 30, 2016

Good morning folks! and welcome to the morning river report for the South Platte River, from Trumbull/Decker’s, Colorado. Let’s get right to the good stuff, shall we? The last two morning caddis and midge hatches have been prolific!  Both Thursday and Friday mornings I covered the river between Trumbull and Decker’s and up to the “WIRE” heading towards Camp Shadybrook. Roughly, at about 8:30/9:00, and once the sun rise clears Rampart Range, the hatching begins! Along with the caddis and midge hatches, we’ve seen a huge increase in Trico hatches with non-stop rising fish from about nine to noon. The flow out of Cheesman this morning is just a bit higher than yesterday. At 5:45 this morning, we’re showing 192 (cfs), 215 (cfs) in Decker’s, and 229 (cfs) in Trumbull. The river temperature is hovering right around 47/48 degrees with some moss to deal with, but nothing out of the ordinary, as the clarity is fantastic! With school going back into session soon, the river, campgrounds, and surrounding areas are busy, mostly in the Decker’s area, so keep in mind that their is plenty of great water to fish and lots of river to tube to the east of Decker’s, downstream. From the Platte River campground to the confluence, you can typically find plenty of water to fish and float without someone on top of you!  As I walked the river last night taking some photos, I noticed that the campgrounds in our area are full and are sure to be that way for the next two weekends.  Of the five campgrounds in our immediate area, three are first come first serve, but two of them offer reservations.  Lone Rock Campground, which is also located on a prime spot to fish the Platte, does take reservations. Make your reservation right here at http://www.reserveamerica.com. The other campground that takes reservations is the Kelsey Campground and can also be found on the above link. That’s it for now folks! Have a great day and get out there and fish!