January 24, 2017 Fishing update for Decker’s

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Hi Folks,

Sorry for the absence, not quite the full-time blogger billionaire yet! So, gotta get out there  and work to keep the dream alive!  Alright, with the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the update!  Flows are unchanged for about a month now, 61 (cfs) below Cheesman Dam, with slightly higher flows through Decker’s and Trumbull at about 65-70 (cfs). Looking ahead to weather for the next two days, much cooler temps for the high’s, only reaching the mid twenties, tomorrow and Thursday.  Look for more sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures as we go into the weekend, with light and variable winds around 6-10 mph.  I’ve only gotten out on the river a couple of times the last few days, but managed to put a few in the net. I had my friend Tony, who is one of the local guides join me out there in the sporadic snow showers we saw today!  There’s a good shot of him holding a nice Rainbow he picked up this afternoon behind my house. The fishing continues to be pretty good, however, the colder temperatures have kept the fish pretty low key until about 11 or 11:30 each day.  I’m finding fish holding in pretty much all the usual spots, both in the deeper pools and even saw a bunch of fish stacked up today in the shallow, rocky shelves. As I tend to go back and forth between the shelves and the deeper holes, I’m constantly having to adjust my weight and strike indicator to account for drop-off and the  proper drift. This is something that my neighbor and friend have really helped me with, as my normal instinct was to immediately assume that it was my flies that weren’t working! This is growth my friends! One thing I’ve learned by living up here and fishing mostly everyday, is that I’m constantly learning! Whether my bug knowledge improves, or my technique, I’m constantly watching and listening to other anglers that are willing to share what they’ve picked up along the way.  This is another reason that I like to recommend a guided fly-fishing trip from FLIES AND LIES http://www.flies-n-lies.com. Whether you book a full day or half-day trip, the fine folks here will get you on the fish!   Also, if you’re like me and have developed some “bad habits” around your game, they will get you back on track and greatly improve your chances of consistently catching fish! That’s all I’ve got for today my friends. More to come in the next few, as my schedule looks good to get me out on the river a bit more in the next few days. Until next time, have a great Wednesday and I’ll hopefully see you out there soon, on the WORLD FAMOUS South Platte River, Decker’s, Colorado.