Trumbull and Decker’s Report 10/1/16


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Hi there my Friends!

Well, for the first day of October, by 10:30, you would have thought it was just another summer day. After a spectacular morning fog that had settled in the valley, we quickly warmed up as the sun made it’s way over Rampart Range.  Welcome to those joining me for the first time, and welcome back to my loyal followers! Right now in Decker’s, we’ve got 53 degrees and a few passing showers. Just a drizzle here and there and we’ll be clearing out overnight.  Sunday and Monday look sunny with a high tomorrow of 77 degrees and light winds of 8-10mph, before the rain moves back in for Monday and Tuesday. 42o cfs for the flow in Trumbull/Decker’s, with a similar flow below the dam at Cheesman at 420 cfs. With the third day of uninterrupted flows or any real significant rainfall, we’ve got good clarity all the way down to the Confluence, as I made my way down there today to see for myself.  I did more reconnaissance and picture taking today for some art projects I’m working on, but did spend a few moments makings some observations and spoke to one of the guides at Flies and Lies about our current conditions. October looks to be a good time for the blue-wing hatch, along with the increase in the egg patter results as we inch closer to the fall spawn of the brown trout. Right now, with a good drift, you can pretty much pick your bug and get a few in the net. Getting down deep with the nymph rig seems to be the trick on these bigger fish that tend to stay deep. On the dry side, the fish are really going nuts on the Hopper-dropper rig during the afternoon and evening hours. Blue-wings, caddis, pmd’s, and even some bigger moths have been thick around 6 or 6:30 on these warm evenings. I’ll be heading out early tomorrow to fish “hole in the wall” and downstream to the Trumbull bridge. More when I return. Until then my friends, enjoy some of the shots from today’s hike along the river and I hope to see you out there soon!