Oct.24, 2016 Fishing News

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Hello my fellow Trout Hunters!

Yes my friends! It’s another wonderful conditions report from Decker’s/Trumbull, Colorado! I am just blow away at how beautiful the conditions and the fishing has been for the last week or so. The fact that it’s the end of October and I can still fish in a t-shirt, no waders, and stay out until 6pm catching fish, is such a joy!  Flowing at 70 (cfs) in Decker’s and Trumbull, the dam is a bit lower at 62.5 (cfs). The clarity is excellent, offering plenty of sight fishing, but requiring a stealthy approach. Fished all afternoon today, pulling in about 6 fish, but hooking up on about a dozen! We started out with dry-flies immediately, as we got on the river about 11 or so. I began throwing last night’s set-up, with a single dry caddis, for about the first twenty minutes, hooking up on three fish in a bubble seem, along a granite wall. Ben was a little further upstream with a dry-dropping approach in some faster, but shallower water and took a beast on a grey, Sparkle-wing RS-2. Due to a couple of dogs, a few willows, and some snags on the bottom, we were forced to pick several new flies to replace the old,  as the morning rolled into afternoon! Let’s just call it, “the price of doing business” Not to worry, Flies and Lies http://www.flies-n-lies.com is just up the road, so when I need a few to match a hatch, up the road I go!  Around three o’clock, things really got going up top! Both of us switched over to a combination of single dry flies, big Simulator bugs, double rigs of dries and emergers. Pretty much make it look presentable and you’re going to get on some fish!  We continued this pattern of fishing until 3:30 or so, but could have remained on the river and caught fish all evening! With all of this going on, the word is out, so expect to see bigger crowds as we get closer to the weekend. Last weekend was a busy one, so if your looking for a little solitude, consider fishing water downstream from Bridge Crossing, not only where there are less people, but the fish see considerably less pressure this time of year, typically giving you a better chance on fish that aren’t so used to seeing every pattern under the sun thrown at them, such as the fish by the Decker’s Resort and bridge area. Only a few pics today, but look at the Rainbow that Ben landed early in the day! That’s all for now folks! Hope to see you out there while we have this excellent weather! Until then, take care!