Oct.16, 2016 Fishing Report

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Hi Gang!

It doesn’t get much better when you can spot fish rising all day long and get em’ on dries!  We’ll get more to today’s fun in just a few, but here’s the latest on the conditions. We’ve seen a big drop in the flow over the last four days, with two decreases in the amount of water being let out of Cheesman Dam. If you are interested in learning more about the dam and it’s current history, here’s a link http://www.denverwater.org/Recreation/Cheesman/ Right now in Trumbull, we’ve got 118(cfs) and just 99(cfs)below the dam.  As a result of the lower flows, and strictly from my observations and success over the last week, the fish have changed locations a bit, moved out of some of the shallow areas, as some of the sand/rock bars are  now exposed to the surface, and have moved into the more oxygenated, faster water or the deeper pools with cooler water.  The dry fly hatches have been THICK! BWO’s, midges, even some caddislfies are flying about all day! We’ve had some wind to deal with, pretty gusty at times, but the fishing has been just too good to let that get in the way! This morning I started out fishing with a single BWO and picked up three nice browns, then played around with a nymph rig that had a San Juan Worm, followed with Copper John-size 18, trailing a grey Rs-2, picking up two more nice fish, both Rainbow’s.

Tomorrow weather looks alright, with sunny skies and warm temperatures, but we’re expecting winds at 14 mph. Keep in mind their are spots along the river that block the wind, so don’t let a little 40 mph gust stop you from catching that Trophy-Trout!  After fishing a few hours this morning,  I decided  to go on a 3 hour hike between fishing excursions to get some pictures of the river, so that I could show you what 118(cfs)  looks like in Decker’s. In addition to the shots I took of the stretch of river around the Decker’s/Trumbull area, I took the good light I just happened to stumble upon, and snapped a few pictures of the little fishy’s sipping bugs off the surface.  Fall is truly a great time to be on the South Platte River, Decker’s.  It’s a great place to view wildlife, such as Mule Deer, Elk, fox, coyote, black bear, bobcat, mountain lion and a variety of waterfowl. Soon, the Bald Eagles will return from their summer grounds and return to the valley for the winter. So, why not book a guided fly-fishing trip and a cozy cabin for a night or two in our beautiful, riverside community? Check out http://www.southplatterivercabins.com or visit http://www.flies-n-lies.com for all the information about the cabin rentals available in Decker’s/Trumbull. That’s all for now folks! Have a great evening and I hope to see you back here tomorrow with another update and hopefully some good fish stories!  Take Care!

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