August 2, 2016 Evening Recap

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August 2, 2016,

Good evening folks!

As stated in a few of my last morning blogs, I’m going to start sharing my daily fitness program, along with my personal meal plan that I’ve designed myself. Since my websites launch on June 8, 2016, I’ve lost over 40 pounds by simply sticking to a diet that is made up mostly of fruits, nuts, vegetables, and lean proteins. Even more importantly, I have removed many bad choices completely from my diet and will detail those in tomorrow’s blog.  I have also maintained a pretty serious level of physical activity that includes hiking the National Forest each morning for approximately an hour and a half to three hours. As a benchmark to my progress, we have a particular hill climb that we climb three times a week. This hill climb is made up of 7 different steep sections, each hill averaging 2-3 hundred yards of a 12-15 percent grade. In between the steep hills there is about 100-200 feet of rolling trail that meanders around the mountain side as a set up for the next climb. According to a recording device my friend usually wears, this climb is equivalent 66 flights of stairs, according to the Fitbit  The trail surface is made of mostly crushed granite, which provides another challenge as it resembles the climbing of a beach sand dune. I’ll be tracking and sharing all of my daily fitness numbers on an easy to read chart when my new Fitbit arrives.  In addition to doing this particular climb three times a week, I am hiking 2 miles round trip,  twice a day, 7 days a week to go bag ice for the Decker’s Country Store. This is also a nice upper body workout after a nice morning hike.  The consistency of this easy to moderate stroll along the South Platte provides me a nice 15 to 20 minute cool down period after climbing the steeper hills.  This also allows me to scout the river for bug and fish activity, shoot a few photos, and work on my fishing report.  In just a few more days, when a few needed bike parts arrive, I’ll be adding a 20 mile bike ride, 4 times weekly, to my daily workout routine.  This is the same route I trained on daily for the 2014 Ride the Rockies. This cycling event, in it’s 29 year of existence, was a 565 mile road ride that took 2,500 riders, including myself, over 6 mountain passes and climbed over 35,000 feet in total elevation gain, over a 6 day period in June of 2014.  My training ride is a 10 mile out and back ride on hwy 67, that provides an initial 3 hill climb section of five miles, followed with  a five 5 mile valley ride that has smooth asphalt and some good winding curves. This sections is particularly good for working on my cycling cadence and also for the sprint sections. More on the daily cycling when the parts arrive and I’m back on the road!   In August of 2014, after the successful tour ride, I suffered a shoulder injury at the USA Pro-Challenge event in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have put the shoulder through some in-house rehab and I’m probably about 60% better than I was this time last year.  As you can probably see, my success is coming from the consistency. I consistency exercise every day and I consistently think about, watch, and record everything that I put into my body. This way, I hold myself accountable to what I eat by simply taking two to three seconds to ask myself a very simple question. Is this a want, or is this a need? This my friends has been instrumental in stopping me from making a bad choice with food or beverage.  Tomorrow I will share more about the diet plan and the specifics of what I’m eating daily, but right now I’ve got to get some sleep! Big hike in the morning! Picking my own fresh, wild raspberries to make my next batch of Kombucha!  The gallery I’m posting tonight will show you some of the meals that I have prepared for myself and housemate in the last couple of weeks and some of the fun shots I’ve taken of residents, visitors and guests to our little part of paradise!  As I walk the river each and everyday, I look forward to sharing with you some of the moments I capture while exploring and reporting news and events in our neck of the woods.  Please feel free to comment and I look forward to hearing from you soon through our comment section.   I hope you follow along with me each day on this quest to achieve optimal health and wellness through diet, exercise and positive living! Have a great evening!