Morning “Walk-About”

JUNE 11, 2016

Good Morning from Chef Chris, here in Decker’s, Colorado. Beautiful morning on the South Platte River. I took a walk along the YMCA road this morning, as I will be doing each day, mostly early mornings so I can report to you the accurate weather and river conditions as I see them right out my front door!  The guys at Flies let me know the river was at about 410cfs, and you can see the forecast above for our area.  It’s warming up quickly, but still a little cooler before the sun makes it up over Decker’s.  The water looks pretty clear up here to me for the 410cfs, but just a little cloudier downstream.  I photographed a few successful fisherman this morning. Saw some early morning Midge hatches and fish were sipping on the surface along the edges of the river, from the bridge in Decker’s,  to the hill by Lone Rock Campground. Be sure to stop in to the Decker’s Corner Café to cool off with a refreshing cold drink, ice cream, shake or try our new Frozen espresso shake with real espresso!!!

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