Upcoming Holiday Weekend Update-Deckers, Colorado

Good Afternoon Folks!

Let’s get right to it shall we? It’s great to be back giving you the regular updates on what’s happening in and around Deckers. If you haven’t heard, after 16 years and many shakes and ice cream cones later, the Deckers Corner Cafe has sadly closed it’s doors, permanently. Until Denver Water renovates and decides what they are going to do with the space, it will remain unoccupied. Until then, don’t worry about food options, you’re covered! The void will be filled with various food trucks that will begin to show up in the Forest Service Parking lot, located behind the Deckers Resort Building. From what I’m hearing, they will begin to show up between Thursday and Sunday. If you’re interested in cashing in on this great opportunity to sell your product, We have a local resident who you may have seen last year selling her rather awesome hot dogs along the side of the road, just by the Trumbull bridge. She’s been in the parking lot for the last two weekends and will continue through the season. In addition to the food trucks, you will also have the luxury of using the new Deckers Event Center. That’s right, and event center in Deckers. While you enjoy some great new food options while visiting Deckers, you’ll be able to take a break from the heat and enjoy your food inside the center. Also, this is a great chance to meet the folks who are operating the venue and book your next event! Whether you are planning a wedding, party, meeting, or any special event, Deckers Event Center provides a beautiful backdrop that promises an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. For prices and booking contact Ashley Zivojnovic at [email protected]
(303) 647-2176.  Click here to visit the Event Center website. https://www.deckersevents.com


I must tell you my friends, I’ve lived in Deckers now for 10 years, and I can certainly attest to the increase in the amount of people that are recreating in the South Platte River Valley, particularly Deckers. With that being said, the campgrounds get full even during the week. This is big folks, especially if you’ve been coming up here for the last 6 or 7 years. New this year is the enforcement of the “Tent Camping Only” rule, for ALL THREE first come first serve campgrounds along the river. This includes Osprey, Ouzel, and Platte River campgrounds. This means that you can no longer bring in a hitched trailer or an RV. You must sleep on the other side of the parking barriers of each campground. No in vehicle camping in these parking lots. Also, another reminder that the day use areas are $10, bring cash.  One thing I almost forgot to mention is that you can no longer connect to the internet in Deckers for free. The only available WIFI connection is being offered through the Deckers Country Store. For $5 per device, you can get connected to the internet. The bathrooms that were located with the cafe are obviously no longer an option either. Your options here will be the two bathrooms located on the boardwalk, near the former cafe entrance. For more information about the camping in Deckers, click here. https://discoverdeckers.com/explore-deckers/camping/

Tubing and Floating

If you spent last winter in Colorado, you know we had a pretty great year for snow! With that being said, we’re off to a fantastic tubing/floating season. Also, if you’ve been watching the news, it’s been a record year for high water rescues, with some tragic outcomes. Unfortunately, it’s been a bit too high and fast for the last two weeks to safely float, especially for little ones. It’s easy to think that it’s able to be floated when you’re driving along the river road looking down. However, don’t let that fool you. When you’re down in it and dealing with rocks and rapids, it can be rather intimidating and dangerous.  We’ve had flows between 800-1050cfs for the last two weeks. We’re coming down a bit now, sitting at 816cfs. In my opinion, it’s best to float the South Platte, Deckers, between 200-600cfs. For more information about floating the river here in Deckers including maps, live flow, safety information and more, click here. https://discoverdeckers.com/tubing-paddle-boarding-kayaking/


Even though we’ve had some good precipitation, it’s still dry out there and wildfire is a real risk. Keep your fires to designated fire pits and remember to fully extinguish all fires. For the latest fire conditions for Jefferson and Douglas Counties, click here. https://discoverdeckers.com/fire-conditions/

As you may be planning to visit the valley this weekend, please keep in mind that it’s a “Pack it in, Pack it out” way of life up here. Trash left behind at day-use areas and campgrounds is a death sentence for Bears. A fed bear is a dead bear! There’s a reason that there are no trashcans at the day-use areas. However, if you have paid at the self-pay stations at each area, you may stop at any of the campgrounds and use the dumpsters. Please don’t leave your garbage behind. This is also the time of the year that people tend to have a tube burst and then leave it behind. Don’t be that person! Alright Folks, that’s the latest from Deckers. We hope to see you up here this weekend and ask just one thing. “Know before you go”





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