Where is the Closest Gas Station to Decker’s

The closest gas station to Decker’s, would be 15 miles to the north of Decker’s, on hwy 126. The Green Mercantile Store, located in Buffalo Creek, Colorado, is a two-story building constructed of native granite in 1898 by John W. Green, Sr.[2] The building is also home for the Buffalo Creek post office.

The original Green Mercantile was a wooden hotel building built in 1883 and purchased by John Wesley Green. The mercantile became the post office as well in 1886 when Green was appointed postmaster by Grover Cleveland.[3] After the original building burnt down in a fire that destroyed many buildings in Buffalo Creek in 1897, Green contracted Seerie Investment Company to replace the building with fireproof native granite block. The blocks were hoisted into place by six men with a mule team and a gin pole. The building has been in continuous operation as a general store and post office ever since, operated by descendants of the Green family.

If you are heading South from Decker’s, the closest gas available would be in Woodland Park, Colorado. This is 23 miles South of Decker’s. Take hwy.67 South to Woodland park, where you will find multiple opportunities to fill up!

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