Things are Heating Up!

July 12, 2019

Good Evening Everyone!


Well, we’re smack in the middle of the run-off season! Perhaps a little further than half-way, but high, fast moving water none the less! With the trout moving out of the faster water and hanging underneath the banks, you must certainly have to work for your fish! With flows nearing 900 cfs. in Decker’s, and 835 cfs. in the Canyon, don’t show up ready to wade freely about, not gonna happen! Seriously folks, one person a day dies on a Colorado River this time of year! A few tips, such as not fishing alone, sticking to the banks, and not wading in the faster moving current above the knee, can usually keep you incident free. But, just be careful! In two weeks or less, we’ll see the flows return to their normal seasonal levels. Remember! There’s no lifeguard on duty.

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That’s all for now folks!