Summers heating up!

Hey Folks!

Quick update on things around Decker’s, as I prepare another four-course meal! All this in one day you say? Why yes! It’s possible to fish, write, hike, nap, cook, fish again, cook another meal, all while trying to start an advertising company! Life is short my friends, so finding that passion is key! Ok, getting on with the update, I’ll keep things to a minimum. The fishing is good, but as the Denver Water Board continues to hold back the flow on the South Platte, through Decker’s, the crowds are here and the fish are getting hammered! Not to mention the late spawn of Rainbow trout, which hasn’t helped their cause, as the water levels are decreased. The camp grounds are filling up on the weekends, so be sure to reserve your spot, by clicking

Traffic into and out of our valley on the weekends has already proven fatal. Keep an eye out for motorcycles and other cyclist on the roads! The

Jefferson and Douglas County Sheriff’s Departments are pushed to their limits, so please respect one another out there!

It’s about to become the beginning of a popular activity along the South Platte, Tubing, kayaking, and paddle boarding have all become very popular in the Deckers area. If you do come to Decker’s to tube or raft, keep in mind that the flows are currently around 100 cfs. and isn’t a good situation for this activity! Also, private property is just that! Private! Please respect all posted private property signs and avoid trespassing in these areas!

It’s Spring, and the Wildlife is very active! Bears and Mountain lions have already been seen in both the Decker’s Resort area, as well as the Lone Rock Campground and Platte River Campground areas. That’s all for now folks! Be sure to check out the live river flows and current fishing report by my friends at