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January 4, 2020

Hey Folks!

Well, it’s most certainly been awhile since my last blog, my apologies. Before giving you the update on how much we have grown since last summer, I must first tell you why I’ve been absent from blogging. On February 23, 2019, my mother, Dawn Elizabeth White, passed away. She was a week shy of her 80th birthday, which was on March 4. My mom was my best friend and stood by me through thick and thin! She was my hero, my inspiration, my mentor, and above all, my biggest fan! I left home when I was about 22 years of age, but for the next 27 years, spoke with her almost daily. Nothing can prepare you for the loss of your mother, but if you are strong in your faith, as am I, you will trust that you will be reunited with your loved ones, in due time. So, with that being said, and trust me, much more was said to the priest/therapist I have been seeing, it’s great to be back to writing, sharing with you all of the joys of living on one of the best trout fisheries in North America, The South Platte River, at Decker’s & Cheesman Canyon.

To get you updated on what’s going on with www.DiscoverDeckers.com, I’m going to write a paragraph about each topic that I would like to update you on and bring you up to speed on everything that has been implemented to the site! Way back on June 6, 2016, I was officially handed the website from http://www.GoDaddy.com.

After about a year or so of working off of this original platform, I had a major problem with my website, it crashed! Couldn’t see a damn thing, but a white screen! So, I called a friend of mine who happened own an IT company in Colorado Springs, and he was able to fix my issue. As we were wrapping up our conversation, mostly consisting of me repeatedly thanking him for saving my ass, I asked him if he had a recommendation for a web designer, as my original platform wasn’t that user friendly, and more importantly, I needed someone with the technical skills to take my vision to the next level.  He immediately recommend Sherri Kiaris, of http://www.sublimecreations.com  Since hiring Sublime Creations, and more importantly, Sherri, www.livedeckerscolorado.com, has taken on a whole new look,  and quite frankly, a whole new vision of opportunity!   You see, not only did Sherri think that it was a good idea for the area, she actually grew up in the Decker’s area, including most of the Pike National Forest. This was great to hear, knowing that a native to the section of the Pike National Forest that I was trying to organize, already had an excellent understanding of that area.  After writing a few letters to the US Forest Service, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, and a couple of other private and non-profit organizations, they all, rather quickly I may add, gave me  the permission to share/use their information, on my website. This was one of the turning points of the website and about the time I decided to make my little hobby a legitimate small business, particularly an advertising company.  By having consistent and up to date Fire Alerts, River Flows, and other Emergency Information from several very trusted sources, we were well on our way to becoming the first and only Tourist Information/Forest Information website, for Decker’s, Colorado.  Now, with over 47 pages of content, and over 250 fly-fishing reports and blogs, we have become one of the top resources of information for Decker’s, Cheesman, and the surrounding Pike National Forest.  Here are a some of the new features of the website!


We are very excited at www.DiscoverDeckers.com to have partnered with the good guys over at www.Flycastusa.com, to provide you the most up to date, comprehensive fishing reports, for all of the top rivers and streams in Colorado! These guys have turned over the stones and monitored the flows! Each Sunday and sometimes mid-week, you can get updated reports. Complete with the best days to fish, bug selections, where to fish, and even a costume fishing trip, put together by the Tyler and Travis, owners and operators of Flycastusa.com, you’ll have all the information you’ll need for a great day out on the river! Check out the newly updated report for Decker’s & Cheesman, at https://discoverdeckers.com/fishing-reports/


Looking for that unique gift for the holidays, or just looking to pick up a souvenir? We now have a full line of DiscoverDeckers.com LOGO items, such as Hats, Mugs, T-Shirts, and much more! In addition to our own products, we at DiscoverDeckers.com are very excited to announce our OWN Affiliate program! Yes, do you have a product that you sell online? If you you do, you can now have that product featured in our store! For a small percentage of the sale, your product can be featured in our store and promoted throughout the website. Simply Click on the VENDOR REGISTRATION TAB https://discoverdeckers.com/vendor-registration/ plug in your information, get approved, and start selling your product on our website today!


Tired of all that clutter? Well, here’s your chance to list it for sale on our new, FREE CLASSIFIED SECTION! Yes folks! Just like Facebook, it’s free to place an item for sale, job opportunity, or even post your skills in search of employment. Got some old junk, post for it to be picked up, or barter or trade! It’s all possible folks, and free! Simply click on the Free Classified Section link https://discoverdeckers.com/listings/ and post your ads!


Here at www.DiscoverDeckers.com, one of our top priorities is getting out the word about Volunteer Events, in and around our Mountain Community. Each month we will be promoting several volunteer opportunities from many local and national organizations that desperately need the help of  volunteers for a variety of projects throughout the year. Once again, simply click on the link and start giving back today! https://discoverdeckers.com/events/

Our Mission at www.DiscoverDeckers.com, is to provide you the most up to date Forest Alerts, Fire Conditions, and Local Information, to ensure that you and your family have a safe and memorable trip to our little mountain Community. Until next time, take care and I hope to see you on the river soon!