From Belize to Cheesman! Canyon Update, December 27, 2018

Good Afternoon Everyone!

First, my sincerest apologies for my absence from blogging. After finishing my club season, as Chef, I quickly returned to the east coast to spend time with my ailing mother, as well as visit the rest of my family. Upon my return to Colorado in late November, I was away again, this time off to the beautiful Central American country of Belize. What was intended to be both vacation and a fishing trip, turned more into a relaxing time at a resort on the North end of Ambergris Cay. Be sure to check out the photo gallery, as I’ve got several nice GoPro shots. Alright, that’s gets you updated on my whereabouts, but it’s the fishing information you need, eh? Well, I’ve been fishing on and off since my return, spending most of my time in Cheesman Canyon, as I’m blessed to live only footsteps from the lower end of the Canyon. My time spent the last few weeks have been mostly under normal, early winter conditions in the canyon. Flows have basically been around 55 cfs, with an earlier fluctuation back in November, where we saw it go from 55 to 100, and back down to 55 cfs. Word is, the Cheesman Reservoir is about 20% shy of capacity, resulting in the holding back of some water in order to fill the reservoir. So, with all that being said, I’ve been sticking to the deeper runs, riffles, and tail-outs, from above the family pool, up to about the Ice box. With typical winter flows, and it currently being 55 cfs, there’s limited space in these areas, so getting a spot between 11am-3pm, can be can be a little challenging. That’ why, if you’re willing to battle the elements on a not such a blue-sky day, heading into the canyon could be one of your better decisions! just saying! Small midges trailing behind a larger, meatier bug has worked well for me lately, especially in the deeper pools. And, on a warmer afternoon like yesterday, I even took a few fish on a small, size 24 Adams dry, when they were starting to sip just a bit here and there! Underneath, I’ve been using black and silver Zebra midges, purple Juju’s, Chocolate Thunder, and small, size 24 flashback pheasant tails. If you haven’t been to the canyon on a winter day, be sure to dress appropriately and allow yourself time to get back to the parking lot! Trails get slippery as the Canyon sees limited amount of sun this time of year. Layer it up, and bring lots of water. Even though its cold, your body still needs to stay hydrated! That’s all for now folks! Hope to see you out there on the river soon.

Chef Chris