Good morning Friends,

It’s a sunny morning in Deckers, for now. With a weekend of mixed weather, you’ll want to get up here early and be prepared for afternoon thunderstorms. Remember, these storms are typically accompanied by severe lightning and hail. With it getting towards the end of the season and kids going back to school, I’m expecting a pretty busy weekend. Check out the links below for more information on your favorite activity here in Deckers.


With the flow at 249cfs, its pretty decent for floating. You still may have to deal with some shallower sections, mostly in the areas upriver from the Trumbull Bridge. Click here for more information.


Big changes along the river! Ok, here’s the deal. For the last four or five years, the Osprey and Ouzel campgrounds were allowing campers and RV’s to set up in those campgrounds. Problem is, or shall we say “was” is that the Forest Service had designated those campgrounds as Tent Only use. Although this was allowed by the former company that was managing the campgrounds on behalf of the Forest Service, they have instructed the new company, ExplorUs, to enforce the “Tent Only” rule, at these campgrounds. This means that you can no longer bring a pull behind camper, rv, or camp in the car/van, in the parking lots. Click here for more information about camping along the South Platte.


Deckers flows increased on Tuesday by 35 cfs on Tuesday, putting Deckers comfortably in the mid-200 cfs range. For more information on fishing conditions, click here.


Weather forecast – Saturday, Aug 19.

PM Thunderstorms

6:17 am 7:51 pm MDT
PM Thunderstorms

90°F / 64°F
  • Wind: 7mph SSE
  • Humidity: 35%
  • Precip. probability: 38%
  • Precipitation: 0.04″
  • UV index: 9
Tomorrow, in Deckers, rainy weather and storms with thunder and lightning are also expected in the afternoon.
Minimal precipitation is forecasted. The maximum temperature will be a hot 89.6°F, while the minimum anticipated temperature is a refreshing 64.4°F.
It will be hotter, and the highest temperature of 89.6°F tomorrow will be more in line with July‘s average maximum of 76.1°F than the average maximum of 74.7°F in August.
Sunrise will be at 6:17 am and sunset at 7:51 pm; tomorrow’s daylight will last for 13h and 34min.

Weather forecast – Sunday, Aug 20.

Partly Cloudy

6:18 am 7:50 pm MDT
Partly Cloudy

91°F / 64°F
  • Wind: 12mph S
  • Humidity: 24%
  • Precip. probability: 1%
  • Precipitation: 0″
  • UV index: 9
On Sunday, in Deckers, the sky will be moderately clouded.
Rainfall is not expected. Significant temperature fluctuations from a high of a tropical 91.4°F to a low of a refreshing 64.4°F are forecasted.
On Sunday, the highest temperature will be higher and more in line with July‘s average maximum of 76.1°F than August‘s of 74.7°F.
Sunrise will be at 6:18 am and sunset at 7:50 pm; the daylight will last for 13h and 31min.