Beat the Heat

June 18, 2016

Good Morning from the beautiful South Platte river!! Chef Chris here with your morning weather and river conditions here at Decker’s.  My friend and I got an early start this morning, about 6 to be exact, and we walked YCAMP road  back to the “wire,”  where there were already several cars heading back to get a spot on the river, on a day that is sure to bring lots of people to the Decker’s area. We’re currently at 64 degrees with a forecasted high today of about 71 degrees. It’s going to be much cooler than Denver and the Front Range communities today, so come on up and enjoy the river!   The river flow at 5:45am was 440 at Trumble and looking quite clear as I stood on the Decker’s  bridge this morning! PMD’s and some midges were coming off up near “Ray’s Run. I saw a few fish being taken at the “Turn hole” with what looked like to be on a dry fly that was being thrown to some rising fish.  Stop by Flies-n-lies,  to pick up what you need to catch the big one! It’s a great day for Ice Cream and a refreshing beverage! Be sure to stop into the Decker’s Corner Café, and say hello!!!  Please use caution as you enjoy our peaceful river valley. Traffic is heavy and people are distracted!! And please remember, YOU WILL NOT HAVE CELL SERVICE IN DECKER’S COLORADO!!


Chef Chris

Swarming Caddis

June 17, 2016[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”14″ gal_title=”baby ducks”]

Good Morning from Decker’s Corner! I’m Chef Chris, from the Decker’s Corner Café  with you morning weather and river conditions at the Decker’s bridge.  Before I continue, and as we approach Father’s Day,  I would like to wish my father, the late, but definitely “On Time” William D. White,  a very happy birthday. It’s been 20 years since we lost him and I think about him all the time.  “Happy Birthday Whitey!”

The weather up here could not be better!!! 67 Degrees with a forecast high of 73.  At 6:45, the river flow at the Trumble Station was 455 cfs, with good clarity.  Last night was incredible!! I started out fishing with a Streamer (Olive Wooley Bugger,) left on from the last time out before vacation.  Caddis were coming off pretty consistently, but with the high sun, the fish were still staying low and aggressively taking stone flies, with a variety of nymphs below.  Being the only resident here full time in Decker’s, I stayed out on the river until 9pm. Finally, as the sun had set behind the hills, some opportunistic  fish started to rise to take some caddis clean out of the air!! I kept my same rig and ended up taking quite a few fish in a row on the stone-fly and  one on a grey RS-2.  This morning the midges are coming off, along with some PMD’s’ which should be getting thicker here in a few weeks. Spoke with John at Flies-n-lies just a few moments ago, and he shared with  me that the BWO’s are still hanging around, but should be trailing off soon.   The crowds are starting to show up for the holiday weekend, so please remember that their is plenty of room on the river and please pick up your trash when leaving our beautiful South Platte River Valley. Have a great day! Remember to do something good this weekend for Dad, Take him fish’n! and stop in to the Decker’s Corner Café, and say hello![sgmb id=”1″]

Chef Chris


The Heat is on!

June 16, 2016

Good morning from Decker’s Corner, Chef Chris here with your morning report of the live conditions in Decker’s.. It’s already 60 degrees and nothing but sunshine!!!!!!! Going to be a fantastic day up here in the South Platte River Valley.  Went out last night and their were an abundance of bugs coming off.  Fish were rising near the banks and I saw several fish getting “Good Air” as they were going airborne to get a taste of  Caddis flies and midges that seemed like small clouds just above the river surface.. At 5:45 this morning, the Trumble station is reporting flows of 454 (cfs) and the water clarity is good.  This will surely allow  you to site fish along the banks from the Decker’s bridge and all the way upstream. Don’t forget to stop at Flie-n-lies and pick up whatever you need for a successful day on the South Platte. Remember, do something nice today. Take a kid fishing!!

Have a Great Day,

Chef Chris


A bug’s life

June, 15, 2016

Good morning from Decker’s Corner. Chef Chris here with your morning “Conditions Report” We’ve got sunny blue skies and warm temperatures, already at 56 degrees.  At 6:30, the river flow at Trumble was 514 (cfs) and clearing up nicely as we have not seen any rain in the last 24 hours.  Midges were coming off this morning again with a few fish sipping up by the “Turn Hole.” I’ve been hearing that the San Juan Worm trailing a pheasant tail has been working for some. Stop in to see the guys at Flies-n-lies to pick up some bugs and come on up and see us. Going to a busy weekend here at the Decker’s Corner Café So,  bring Dad up for the only Soft-Serve Ice Cream in the Valley!!. Cabins in our area are available and reservations can me made directly from or visit

Midges Midges and Midges

June 14, 2016

Good Morning from the beautiful foothills of the Colorado Mountains!! Chef Chris here in Decker’s with your morning weather and river conditions in Decker’s, Colorado.  It’s a magnificent morning up here in Decker’s today,with sunny blue skies and a pleasant forecast. Right now, It’s 45 degrees  and will be getting into the mid-70’s into the afternoon.  The midges were coming off thick this morning, ranging in size from about  #18-#20.   The river by the bridge and up towards the “turn hole” is a little cloudy after last nights rains, but noticeably more clear as you go up towards the “wire”  Water flow is at 546 (cfs) at the Trumble Bridge Station. Horse Creek is pumping pretty good into the Platte at Decker’s bridge this morning, after the rain run-off, and it’s causing some cloudiness below the bridge.  I didn’t spot one angler this morning from the bridge to the hill, so theirs plenty of room to toss a fly!  Come on up and take advantage of the sunshine and great weather!  And  while you enjoy your day on the South Platte , let us here at the Decker’s Corner Café take care of lunch and a refreshing beverage. Remember!! Do something good today, take a kid fishing!!!

Have a great day!!

Chef Chris