September 1, 2020
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Hey Folks!

Hard to believe that we’ve arrived at September my friends, hoping you have all made it safely through this horrible Pandemic.  As someone who lost his own mother last year, I can only imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one during these difficult times.   My heart goes out to all that have lost a loved one, or have suffered themselves from this disease.  As we near the winter months, let’s not to forget to be diligent with our mask wearing and social distancing.  Ok, with all that being said, lets try to get you updated on a few things.


With school getting back into session, somewhat!, combined with current Stage 2 fire Restrictions in place for Jefferson and Douglas Counties, we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in the number of campers. Reservations are still required for Lone Rock and Platte River Campgrounds, but you may get lucky without a reservation. For more information on these particular campgrounds and all the other Day-use and Campground areas, visit  Although the campground and day-use areas are owned by the U.S. Forest Service, they are managed by the Rocky Mountain Recreation Company.


As I reported in my last post, the fishing in Decker’s and Cheesman has been pretty solid. If your looking for solitude, look elsewhere! Or, at least take look at things downriver, past Trumbul and all the way down to Night Hawk. This stretch is fished far less than the area from Bridge Crossing, up to Decker’s. Since we finally received the water we so desperately needed, via the release of water from Cheesman Reservoir, the hoppers and terrestrials on the water picked up, along with giving the fish some much needed relief! At one point in mid-august, with flows in the 70’s-80’s, we were seeing water temperatures approaching 70 degrees! This puts tremendous pressure on the fish as oxygen levels diminish, leaving the fish very vulnerable to death. Most death is caused by over handling of the fish by the Angler,  along with high predatory behavior. For the last two weeks, we’ve seen the flows stabilize around 400-450, after climbing from 80cfs, all the way up to 600+.  We are lucky to have a partnership with the folks at, providing us side by side fishing reports, for Decker’s and Cheesman Canyon. Complete with ideal days to fish,  complimentary personalized fishing itineraries for all the top rivers in Colorado, you just can’t get better information! Reports will typically come out on Sunday night, or Monday morning. Be sure to be on the lookout for updated reports, as conditions often change! For the latest fishing reports, visit


Well, after a dismal floating experience during the 4th of July weekend, the peak season finally arrived! Earlier this summer, many folks were arriving in Decker’s hoping to get away from the quarantine life and the confinements of the home! Sounded like a good idea, on a normal year! Typically, with early summer run-off, the snow pack high up on the peaks of the majestic Rockies fills our rivers and streams, providing the optimal floating experience! However, this year the run-off was gradual, along with water being diverted to other rivers, the South Platte was not the tubing hot spot! So, many that were eager to cool off on hot summer day, were left with bruised bottoms, interrupted floats, and potentially causing damage to the delicate trout beds. For this reason, I added an entire page to this website, dedicated to Tubing/Kayaking/Paddleboarding. Complete with detailed maps, safety information, and best places to begin your float, visit.

Advertising Opportunities

Four years ago, when I first launched the first website,  I had the idea that if I built the first “Hub” of information that represented this already extremely popular Outdoor Recreational destination with an internet presence, it could potentially attract both local and broader based businesses, and present them the opportunity to offer their Goods and Services, on the website. To give you and update, and to show you how your traditional Brick and Mortar style operation, non-profit organization, or even your own website can be seen by thousands a month, here’s a few of the latest numbers! Since march, has seen an average monthly page view average, of 25,000. We’ve also seen a huge increase of our Conversion Rates, with our current client linked websites.  In addition to these options, we also offer an additional platform to feature your products and services.  Feature your offerings side by side with ours,  in our E-commerce Store!   Simply click on the Vendor Application link located at the top of the home page, fill out the form, and you can be selling your products in less than 24 hours, pending approval. For more information on advertising with our parent company, South Platte Advertising Company, LLC/, please email me at

That’s all for today folks! Hope to see you out on the river soon!