August 17, 2020

August 17, 2020

Good Evening Folks!

Lots of updates to share with you.  Douglas County has implemented Stage 2 Fire Restrictions, for unincorporated Douglas County. Also, flows on the South Platte have been raised again! Current flows through Decker’s, are 532cfs. I wanted to also share a few thoughts about what’s been going on around here. The fact of the matter is Folks, the areas has become extremely busy these last few weeks and it’s resulted in a number of accidents, fires, and probably the worst trash/littering I’ve seen!  I can’t for the life of me understand how so many people can blatantly throw or leave there trash behind. Let me tell you my friends, I’m not talking about a straw wrapper here and there, I’m talking about garbage bags of trash being left on the sides of the road, dirty diapers left on the boardwalk, in Decker’s! I’ve seen people open their car doors while parked, and proceed to empty their nasty-ass ashtray, right on the parking lot ground. The day-use area restrooms are also being heavily used and are continuously becoming trash dumps.
Look folks, there’s nothing we can do about the growth of Colorado and the amount of people that are discovering Decker’s. However, it’s the responsibility of everyone to make sure that when you visit the area, that you’ve prepared accordingly, have a plan for your garbage, know the fire conditions, and learn to leave less of a footprint. Please my friends, if we don’t start informing and educating those that are contributing to these issues, we’re going to destroy the wildlife and turn this beautiful healing place into a garbage dump. Then, it’s gone forever. 😢


August 4, 2020-Decker’s Update

Hello Friends,

Hard to believe it’s August, but here we are!  As we are all going through these unprecedented times, its more important than ever to keep everyone updated on the scene in Decker’s and the South Platte River Valley.  As the “Stay at Home” mandate came down, followed with the “Stay Closer to Home” orders, the Decker’s area saw a huge increase of visitors, as the confinement of home finally got the best of many.  Undeniably, getting outdoors is one of the best things that one can do to help combat depression, anxiety, mental stress, and just about any other mental anguish one may be going through. However, the sheer number of people that headed to the foothills, combined with the closure of most day-use area restrooms, caused quite a mess for those that have to maintain the facilities. Bags of human waste, along with baby diapers and such, were repeatedly left along the river and by the closed restrooms. I’m not here to judge, I’m just here to point it out and let others know that this is what happens when people don’t think! Ok, here’s the latest on what’s happening.


Rocky Mountain Recreation has done an incredible job of getting the day-use and campground areas ready for use this year. Many hours were spent cleaning, sanitizing, and making the community areas of the campground as safe as possible. Most campgrounds are open for the season, some with restrictions and limitations. Here’s a link to all the Campgrounds in the Pike National Forest, managed by Rocky Mountain Recreation.


Wow! Where to begin. Since Covid arrived, Decker’s has been like the 4th of July, most weekends since April! Once again, not judging, just letting you know how much pressure this area has seen since the beginning of this Pandemic. Etiquette has gone out the window and the parking situation has been horrific! Please obey all Private Property signs and respect wildlife! Combined with the large amounts of people that just needed to get out, along with the Anglers, the trail head parking lots have been full.The pull-outs packed, and once again the garbage situation continues to be a problem. I’m in the process of planning a river clean up day, sometime before the end of September. Flows have been raised on the South Platte, from 87cfs to 287cfs. This is a significant change from last week.  For the complete fishing report, check out the Fishing reports tab.


You’re in luck folks! After weeks of low flows through the area, the flows on the South Platte through Decker’s have increased. This increase greatly improves the whole experience! Please take all necessary precautions and other safety measures to keep you safe on the river. Check out our page dedicated to Tubing and floating.

Well, that’s all for now my friends. Please keep in mind that we have a long way to go with this Pandemic, so please do your part to help stop the spread of this very deadly disease. Hope to see you out there soon.



May 30, 2020- Decker’s Reopening!

Hello Friends!

Seems like the camping bug has got the best of many! Just spent the last couple of days fishing and working on clearing some property in Trumbull, but got to see first hand the amount of people that are flocking to the Decker’s area. Here’s the latest from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and the US Forest Service, Pike and Isabel National Forest.

COVID-19 Update – 5/29/20 11:15 a.m.

Update 5/29/2020: Colorado Parks and Wildlife campgrounds – including cabins, yurts and group camping for groups of 10 or fewer – and SWAs are now open to camping. There are exceptions in counties with remaining health orders or areas remaining closed by county request. For commonly asked questions, including details on available SWA camping, please review our Camping FAQ.

We ask visitors to state parks to remain flexible in their travel plans as we work with counties and local public health orders to keep parks and amenities open safely and cooperatively.

As camping becomes available, playgrounds, picnic areas, group areas and designated swim areas at Colorado’s state parks remain closed until further notice.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife visitor centers, service centers and all CPW offices are continuing to restrict access to the public. Restrictions and closures remain subject to change.

Updated 5/28/2020: OHV Registrations – CPW has extended the expiration date of all OHV registrations for a period of 30 days per Executive Order D 2020 015. Off-highway vehicle registrations and permits expiring March 31, 2020 are now valid until June 22, 2020.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds anglers, hunters, and all other outdoor recreationists that it is your responsibility to research and understand the specific guidance, ordinances and restrictions in place for any planned local recreation – know before you go.

We know you have questions regarding the rapidly evolving scenario that surrounds COVID-19, and how Colorado Parks and Wildlife is responding to keep your family healthy during your visits to our parks and offices.

PSICC To Implement Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

On June 1, the Pike and San Isabel National Forests Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands will begin re-opening some recreational facilities in a phased approach, allowing the agency to remain responsive to local conditions. For a full list of open areas and up-to-date information on re-openings, visit the forests and grasslands website.

The agency is committed to maximizing public access to the national forests and grasslands while ensuring physical, emotional and psychological safety and well-being of its employees.

“While we understand there may be some excitement to return to these recreation areas, there may be limited services or spaces available” says Diana M. Trujillo, forest and grassland supervisor. “We ask that visitors please continue to follow local, state and federal guidelines on staying safe and practice good hygiene and social distancing wherever they choose to visit.”

Visitors are asked to stay as local as possible when choosing a site to visit and to pack out everything they bring, especially trash. Visitors are also urged to take the precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with local health and safety guidance. For tips from the CDC on preventing illnesses like the coronavirus, go to:

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions will remain until replaced or rescinded to enhance public and firefighter safety, protect natural and cultural resources and help minimize human-caused wildfires. It is important to check with the local county you plan to visit as many also have fire and recreational shooting restrictions in place.

Under Stage 1 fire restrictions, forest visitors may not:

  • Build or maintain a fire or use charcoal, coal or wood stoves, except in permanent fire pits or fire grates within a developed recreation site (e.g., campgrounds where fees are charged).
  • Smoke, except in an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site or while in an area at least three feet in diameter cleared of all flammable materials.
  • Use any internal or external combustion engine (including chainsaws) without a spark arresting device properly working and a chemical pressurized fire extinguisher and a round point shovel.
  • Weld or operate acetylene or other torch with open flame except in cleared areas of at least 10 feet in diameter and in possession of a chemical pressurized fire extinguisher.
  • Use explosives, including fireworks.

Responsible recreation will help expand access to facilities, services and other opportunities. Our offices are closed, but we are providing virtual services via email or phone.

Contact information for the Pike and San Isabel National Forests Cimarron and Comanche National Grasslands is available online.